The Journey Begins

What’s up everybody!

Matt here coming to you for the first time through our brand new website. This is a very exciting time for The Gamer Initiative as we take the next step on our video game adventure.

So let me take this opportunity to explain what content we will providing you over here on

Every day I will be bringing you what I like to consider an opinion-based daily news summary. It would be stupid for us to think that we could compete with the existing market leaders in the online video-game media industry. If you want to read about the facts on the latest breaking story, you will go to your regular website. However, we believe that people are now just as interested to find the personalities that they can relate to, and get their opinion on the latest stories.

This is where our daily entries will come in. Every morning (approx 8am UK time) I will bring you a summary of all the top video game news stories that have broken over the past 24 hours. I will also be sure to share my thoughts on them, and hope that you will share your opinions with us. We want to be a gaming community for gamers, by gamers.

No doubt I have picked a great week to start as E3 is just around the corner, so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest news and announcements. No doubt there will be some very exciting topics to discuss!

For now, enjoy the rest of your evening and I will be back tomorrow morning!