Game Announcements & Future Of Retail Games

Following yesterday’s big news day we have a slightly quieter one as we edge ever closer to E3, but there was still time for research to suggest that maybe the all digital future is closer than we think.

A study conducted by the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research group has found that now only 34% of console games make it to retail. When compared to the physical releases in 2008, we see a drop 383 games, to 145 games last year. The opposite trend has occurred via the digital stores, where we have seen a rise from 102 games in 2008, to 279 games in 2014. These figures make sense in my mind as now every physical release also gets a digital release, and we have seen the decline of mid-tier publishers like THQ and Midway, and the rise of the indie developer. It has never been easier for studios to get games into the hands of the gamers. Eventually it will become digital only, but until it becomes cheaper than the physical versions I can obtain, I will continue to buy the retail version.

Moving on to one of the less approved features of the new digital era, micro-transactions. According to an Italian PlayStation Store pre-order pageMetal Gear Sold V: The Phantom Pain will have “Acquisti in-game opzionali,” which roughly translates to “optional in-game purchase.” The Phantom Pain uses Gross Military Product, or GMP, which is the same in-game currency as Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Also in a similar way, GMP can be used to build up your base. No one really likes in-game micro-transactions, but as long as they are not mandatory too success it won’t bother me. However, if you can’t authentically get to where the micro-transaction can take you, that is when it becomes a problem. I guess we will find out shortly.

So who want’s to see a new screenshot for Star Wars Battlefront? Well you’re in luck as EA and DICE have released the below image, showing off a battle on Howth.



Not much more to add to that story, but we will no doubt see the game at E3 next week. I am still to be sold on this game due to its multiplayer only focus.

Now we can talk about some of yesterday’s game announcements. There were three in total, so let’s start with probably the most obvious, which is PES 2016. The annualised football simulator from Konami is back, and this time will have a new cover star in the form of Neymar Yr. A full game reveal is due tomorrow (June 12th) so I will have some more information for you then. Pro Evolution Soccer was may favourite football series back on the PlayStation 2, but unfortunately the quality waned over the years and FIFA became king once more. PES will have to do something pretty special to win me back, but I do at least give it a chance every year. Who knows where the series will go now Konami appears more focused on mobile gaming.

Also coming shortly will be Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which will now be making its way over to PS4 and Xbox One. The new-gen version will have a handful of extras such as a soundtrack and gallery of concept art. I personally will probably not be grabbing this one, but that is purely because I enjoyed it on the Xbox 360. If you haven’t play this beautiful story-driven platform adventure game, I recommend you do.

Closing out the the announcements is Shadow Warrior 2. Revealed via a Facebook post, we are teased with the below image and also asked “who wants some more Wang?” This is all the information we have for now, but no doubt we will hear more shortly, maybe at E3 (there is a pattern here). If you are not sure whether this violent first person shooter will be for you, then check out the first Shadow Warrior on the PS store where it is currently 70% off. I know I’ll be picking it up!



I shall leave you today with some Rachet & Clank news. The PS4 version is currently in development and is due for release in Spring 2016. in a post on the PlayStation Blog, Insomniac Games stress that they didn’t just want to up-res the PS2 classic, but rather bring a whole new experience to the gamer. I’m not sure who excited I am for this game. I enjoyed them for what they were on PS2, but it remains to be seen if it will hold up today. Knowing me I’ll end up buying it anyway! For now, here is the latest trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Have a good day.