Sony’s E3 Press Conference

So I have decided to skip the chronological order of the conferences so I can talk to you about Sony‘s press conference. They had a lot to live up to after Microsoft‘s fantastic showing and, for the most part, they achieved that.

If want to talk about flying out the blocks, I think it is safe to say Sony achieved that when they confirmed that The Last Guardian lives! We got see a six minute trailer of the long-awaited game before it faded to a black screen with the year 2016. The excitement in the room was massive and the trailer looked cool, but the 2016 release was a little disappointing. I was hoping that it would be ready this year, especially with the shortage of exclusives coming to the PS4 this holiday.



The fast start continued when Guerilla Games came out on stage to introduce their new game, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Within a few seconds of this trailer I was already more intrigued than I have even been for a Killzone game. The game appears to be set in a beautiful open world, within a civilisation that has since crumbled. Again we got a lengthy six minute trailer, which you can enjoy below:



Sony went three for three when they next premiered the latest Hitman game. The latest entry in the series, which is simply called Hitman, shows Agent 47 taking on various contracts across the globe. We got confirmation that six unique contracts will be making their way to PS4. I have loved this series ever since I played Hitman 2: Silent Assassin back in 2002. Any new title has my attention, and hopefully it will live up to the high standards it’s set itself. Here is the reveal trailer:



We next had some Street Fighter V stuff, but that didn’t interest me. Normal service quickly resumed with Media Molecule taking to the stage to showcase their new game; Dreams. The gist I got from the game is that you control the events in various dreams, by drawing sketches using the Dualshock 4. A game that uses the Move feature doesn’t appeal to me at all. I will reserve final judgement for now, after all these are the guys that did bring us Little Big Planet.



Next, Sony used their partnership with Activision to talk more Destiny. The latest expansion pack, The Taken King, will be available on 15th September. Finally, we get to see something that is releasing this year! It’s not a full game though, so it doesn’t really count….



From AAA to indie, where Sony confirmed that Campo Santo‘s game — Firewatch — will be making its console debut on PS4. This is a first person adventure game with a lot of promise. Could it be the next Gone Home? We didn’t get a release date, but hopefully it will be later this year.



Now it was time for the big announcement on Sony’s stage, and that was the news that Square Enix is fully remaking Final Fantasy VII, and it will be coming first to PS4. Personally I don’t really care for Final Fantasy, so I don’t understand the desire for such an old game, but it seems like a lot of people have wanted this for a long time!



Talking of wanting things, next up was a potential return of Shenmue in Shenmue 3. The big problem I had with this was that even though it was on Sony’s stage, they are not backing the project. Instead, Yu Suzuki appeared on stage in a Kickstarter plea. I’m sure they will have no problem raising the $2million required, but this just felt a bit off to me.

So we all know that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is coming later on this year. While additional details can be found at the Ubisoft conference, we found out that certain mission will be exclusive to PS4 via DLC. The Dreadful Crimes allows players to solve a variety of crimes, that have been inspired by a famous detective novelist. Sony has often had the exclusive DLC for Assassin’s Creed, so this is not a real surprise.

Slightly more surprising is that certain exclusivity for Call Of Duty is now also going to be on PS4. What has long been considered an Xbox exclusive, this is a real scope for Sony. Players will now get such things as DLC, maps packs and beta access all first on PS4.

No Man’s Sky is a video game that I have been impressed with since its reveal at last year’s E3. The sheer size and scope of the universe continues to amaze me, and we got another video showing it off again. Hello Games said they weren’t quite ready to reveal a release date, but it will be revealed soon. With the lack of exclusives in 2015, Sony could really do with this dropping in the next six months, but I don’t quite see that happening.



Maybe somewhat surprising, but Project Morpheus did not get much stage time at this year’s conference. The virtual reality headset did get a new title announced for it though, called RIGS. This first person multiplayer first-person shooter is being developed by Guerilla Cambridge. I’m still to be sold on VR, but hopefully I will get a chance to experience it one day.



The penultimate game on stage was Star Wars Battlefront. Again, full details of this were discussed at the EA press conference but we did get to find out about some of the two-player co-op missions. It looked similar to a survival mode where two rebel alliance soldier had to fight off waves of AI stormtroopers. The trailer is below:



Closing out the show, it comes as no real surprise that we got another trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. I would say that this game continues to impress me, but to be honest I almost seem to hold Naughty Dog to higher standard due to previous experiences. I know this isn’t necessarily right, but I just don’t get as pumped when I see an awesome Naughty Dog trailer, because I just expected awesome anyway! Here is incredible action sequence for your viewing pleasure.



So there we go, another conference in the book and still a few more for me to try and write up! I think Sony had a decent conference, some of the game announcements were awesome, but they fall down with a real lack of 2015 releases. I still don’t know what exclusives they have coming this year, Uncharted Collection aside, that will make people want to buy a PS4. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Have a good one.