Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference

Hey everyone, sorry I’m later today but it is time to talk some more E3 2015. Let’s dive straight into everything that was announced at Ubisoft‘s press conference.

Ubisoft started their conference in a big way by having Trey Parker and Matt Stone come out to reveal a brand new South Park RPG! South Park The Fractured But Whole is the follow-up to The Stick Of Truth but this time the kids will be playing their superhero game. Holy shit!! I did not see this coming at all, but anyone who knows me will know that I am a HUGE South Park fan, so couldn’t be happier that another game is one the way. As long as Matt and Trey are involved, I’m totally on board with this!



They followed this up with another surprise, as the new IP For Honor was revealed. This was described as a melee-only action game, that features three different classes; vikings, knights and samurais. For something that is going to be melee-only, the combat is going to have to be really good to not become repetitive. I will keep my eye on the development of this game and, at the very least, we did get an awesome looking trailer.  



Out with the new and in with the old….that’s right isn’t it? Anyway, next up we got ourselves some information on The Crew‘s latest DLC pack called Wild Run. Pretty standard here, its more cars and championships. One interesting note was a “graphics overhaul”. We will see how that plays out when it releases November 17th.

If you have been a fan of TGI for a while, you will know that we all regard Trials Fusion as a pretty fun game. Well it appears that this game is getting an acid trip in the form of the new Awesome Level MAX expansion pack. Let me just say; gun-yielding cat in headband, riding a fire-breathing unicorn. You will get the idea. You can check out the trailer below in anticipation of its July 14th release.  



One game that was certain to appear at the conference was Tom Clancy’s The DivisionWhat we did get was an official release date — 8th March 2016 — and details of an upcoming beta. The beta will be launching first on Xbox One, but will be available on all platforms by early 2016. We also got a new demo, that can be seen below. I do like the look of this game, but wish they would stop showing it now and just hurry up with the release. It is still 9 months away and I feel like we have been waiting for this game forever. I just worry that it will be another game that fails to meet the self-generated expectations  from such a long lead-in.  



Are you a fan of games like SimCity and Cities: Skylines? Then Anno 2205 might be the game for you. The newly announced game is a city-builder at heart, but with a futuristic twist that allows you to develop cities and resources on Earth, before shipping them to the moon. Look out for its release on 3rd November 2015, with a beta also expected beforehand. I will definitely check this one out. I am a big fan of city-builders, although I will inevitably love it for about 15 hours then never it play again!  



The conference then took a weird turn as Jason Derulo came out on stage and started dancing. This, of course, was to announce Just Dance 2016, which is coming to consoles on October 20th. It was also confirmed that you can now use your smartphone instead of a camera to track your movements. I personally have no idea who buys these games, but people must be buying them to allow Ubisoft to annualise the series. People confuse me…

Normal service was resumed as Rainbow Six Siege was next up on stage. We got details of an upcoming beta, that begins on September 24th. This ties in nicely with the game’s release just three weeks later on October 13th. We also got confirmation that Terrohunt — the terrorist hunting mode — will be making a return.  I always remember Rainbow Six shooters as one of the more hardcore experiences, with its realism influencing a lot of shooter since. I must admit it makes a nice change to see a game coming out so swiftly after announcement. I was sure that this would be the game dropping to 2016 instead of The Division.  



A racing game not all of you will be familiar with is Trackmania Turbo. However, I am happy to report that the PC racer will soon be making an apperence on consoles. While I have yet to play this latest version, I remember playing the original Trackmania when it was on PC. Its custom track editor is an extremely fun and powerful tool. I am very much a racing fan enthusiast and can tell you that the original Trackmania is one of the most enjoyable memories I have playing a racing game. It’s just plain fun. Definitely keep an eye out for this one.  



The penultimate game on stage was Assassin’s Creed SyndicateSeeing an Assassin’s Creed game at a Ubisoft event is probably one of the least surprising occurrences in the video game industry. The trailer we saw looked impressive, but I’m just not sure if I will be picking up Syndicate this year. I have played so many Assassin’s Creed games over the years, I’m beginning to feel a bit burnt out now.  



Closing out the show was another surprise, this time it was Ghost Recon: WildlandsWe found out that Wildlands will be a co-op shooter set in an open-world environment. Not much other information was shared at the conference, but we did get to see the trailer below, which shows various different way to approach a mission. As far as shooters go, Ghost Recon holds a very special play in my heart. I remember back on the sixth generation (Xbox) I played all of the Ghost Recon games that came out, either on console or PC. While my interest waned over the last few years it is still exciting to see the series make a return and I’m optimistic that it will be something special.  



Wow, what an awesome conference Ubisoft had. From the great game lineup up, to Aisha Tyler killing the hosting gig, this really was the right way to do it. Overall I think this was my favourite conference, although Microsoft is very close …. and Bethesda did have Fallout 4 …. man what an awesome E3! I shall be back tomorrow with my closing thoughts on E3.