EA’s E3 Press Conference

After the high standards set by Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda and Ubisoft, it was time to find out if EA could continue the trend with their E3 2015 press conference.

The saying always goes that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. With that in mind this particular entry will be a little shorter after a lacklustre conference from EA.

It looked promising from the outset with the announcement of Mass Effect Andromeda. The latest in the sci-fi RPG series will be coming holiday 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Now I am most definitely not the right person to talk Mass Effect as I have never got into the series at all. As such, I just don’t care for this announcement, but I understand its appeal to others. Here is the trailer:



Next up was a showcase for the reboot in the Need For Speed reboot, where we found out that the game will release November 3rd. The trailer did show off some beautifully fast racing action, where they placed an emphasise on; speed, style, build, crew and outlaw. I really hope that this is a return to the series’ roots. I haven’t enjoy Need For Speed for a long time, but it would be nice to have something similar to the experience I had when I first played Underground.



We then got some details about an add on for Star Wars The Old Republic. Called Knights Of The Fallen Empire, the expansion pack will be free to existing subscribers in October this year. I don’t have a gaming PC so again, this had zero interest to me. EA will have my attention when we get Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game.

After a brief mention of a Star Wars mobile game, we got introduced to a cute new platformer called Unravel. The guy on stage appeared nervous as he revealed Yarnie — the star of Unravel — but his passion was undeniable. This 3D physics-based game looks like it could be a lot of fun and reminded me of Little Big Planet. It was definitely my highlight of the EA conference.



Next came a really painful middle section to EA’s conference. It was very unbalanced and often went on for too long on certain segmants. Two example os this were NBA Live 2016 and Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. We got a release date for NBA Live 2016 — September 29th — but after that they showing of the game just went on way too long. I know they are trying to relaunch this series, but it felt like they were trying too hard. Plants vs Zombies had a similar problem with the length of their presentation. One good aspect of the new game is that players will now be getting a single player mode. All things being said, I still don’t understand the Plants vs Zombies appeal.

Following on from the longer demos, there was then an even more awkward moment of the show where they came out and tried to talk mobile games. I’m sure there is a time and place to talk mobile game, but I don’t know where that is. I used this as an opportunity to get some food as I have zero interest in mobile gaming.

FIFA 16 was up next and they spiced up their announcement by bringing Pele out on the stage. I will admit that was pretty awesome as Pele is considered one of the greatest players of all time. We then saw the trailer showing off some of the game’s new features. I have purchased FIFA almost every year since 1996 and doubt it will change now. I do enjoy the FIFA games and I’m sure FIFA 16 won’t be any different.



There was also some time for both NHL 16 and Madden NFL 16. With NHL 16, it was disappointing that they didn’t use this as an opportunity to apologise for last year’s lite version of the game, but they did promise more new features, as requested by fans. I really want to like this game as I’m a huge hockey fan, but after being burnt last year, this is no longer a day one purchase. Madden NFL 16 looked just like more Madden, but there was an emphasis on the way that the receiver and corner can react to the throwing game.

The penultimate showing was the recently announced Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We got another firm date, this time 23rd February 2016. The reboot of the 2008 title brings back main protagonist Faith. We found out that it will be an open-world game with zero loading screens, which is pretty impressive if true. I really enjoyed the concept of the first Mirror’s Edge so hope that DICE can build on that. Trailer is below:



Closing the show, unsurprisingly, was Star Wars Battlefront. It was revealed that Luke Skywalker will be a playable hero in the game when it releases on 17th November 2015. The trailer looks great, the visuals in this game are truly impressive! I really want to be excited for this game, however I just can’t get excited about a multiplayer centric game. As I mentioned about, I’m still waiting for Amy Hennig’s Star Wars adventure.



So there we go, that was the EA conference for E3 2015. Not a great conference in my eyes, but at least we still got a couple of nice reveals.

Hope you all have a great weekend.