Welcome To The Day Of The Batman

Happy Batman Day everyone! I don’t know if this is an official thing or not, but if it isn’t I’m making it one in order to celebrate today’s release of Batman: Arkham Knight.

I have to say I am super pumped to play this game. Today has been a very busy day, but as soon as I’ve posted this I will be turning on the PS4 for the remainder of the evening. I will be doing a Let’s Play next Tuesday for you all to check out and, if I can finish the game in a reasonable amount of time, I may even do a review! Here is the launch trailer:



Anyway there is some actual news to get through as well so lets get into it. First up we have confirmation that Fallout 4 will be running at 1080 / 30 fps on PS4 and Xbox One when it launches later this year. The PC version’s resolution and frame rate will not be limited. I guess this is good for console equality, mainly because it means we avoid another console flame war. I remember when people didn’t care about these things so much! I get they matter to some extent, but still don’t get why they are so newsworthy now. As long as the game has a solid art direction and runs well, that is good enough for me.

Next up we found out that Project CARS 2 is a video game that will exist. According to a post on their blog, Slightly Mad Studios are now turning their attentions to the sequel. They did reiterate that they will continue to provide support for the recently released Project CARS. I find this announcement very surprising, Project CARS literally just came out last month! That being said, it was a really solid sim-racer so news that we will get another game isn’t necessarily bad, I just question their timing.

With all these games, some of you must be having to manage storage on your PS4 console by now. Well worry no more, as Sony has confirmed the pending release of a 1TB PS4 console. The Ultimate Player Edition will launch on 15th July. This doesn’t come as a surprise after the leaked details about two new models earlier this month. It also brings it into line with the recently revealed Xbox One 1TB console. This is the least Sony needed to do. 500GB is nowhere near enough capacity for today’s games. Luckily I already upgraded my consoles on day one.




Another game now available is Episode 3 of the Tales From The Borderlands. Titled Catch A Ride, the third episode will be available today on PS4, PS4, PC and Mac. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions will be available tomorrow. Telltale is renowned for giving short lead-ins for their episodic releases and this time is no different. I really wish there was a better release schedule though. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 had is nailed on with weekly releases. I’m not saying all episodic games should be weekly, but maybe every 4 weeks or just something regular!



Closing out the news for today and it appears that Ubisoft‘s Wii U exclusive,  ZombiU, could be set for an appearance on Xbox One. A game titled Zombi has been listed on the Australian Classification Board and is rated MA15+ for “strong horror violence, blood and gore.” Oh wow another zombie game, we haven’t had one of those for a while. It also seems very strange to be bringing a 3 year old game to Xbox One. Something doesn’t add up, but I guess it makes sense having it on a system with a larger install base.

That’s all for today, a pretty slow start after E3 but that’s to be expected. I will be back again tomorrow.