Driveclub PS Plus Edition Is Live!

Hey everyone sorry its such a late one today, I’ve only just made it home. So we had a couple more interesting developments in the gaming industry yesterday, firstly regarding Driveclub‘s PS Plus Edition.

After waiting what must feel like forever, the PS Plus edition is finally live on PSN. According to a PlayStation blog post, it was indicated that the release would be staggered in order to avoid any potential repeats of the server issues that plagued the game’s launch. I am happy that more people will now get to check out Driveclub. Despite its launch problems, under the cover we have a very solid racing game. I eventually picked the game up once the server issues settled and I had a great time playing this game. As a big racing enthusiast I recommend as many people with a PS4 check this game out as possible.

So we talked yesterday about the problems that the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is having. Well today Warner Bros. has gone one step further by suspending the sale of the PC game. This suspension will continue until such time that they can give assurances about the quality of the game. They did also indicate that early adopters could claim for a refund, if unsatisfied. I think this is the only sensible decision that Warner Bros. could make. You can’t continue to sell a game that has problems. Hopefully for PC gamers the issues will be short-lived.

Ok so we mainly talk about video games here, but I’m going to make a quick exception as there is still a link. According to reports, the Uncharted movie has lost Seth Gordon as its Director. It seems that there are contradicting reports, with Sony citing that the film is undergoing creative changes, whereas Heroic Hollywood appear to suggest that the film is in “development hell” due considerations of a lower budget. It is safe to say that any chance of filming commencing this year is fading, with no Director or cast in place. Video game film adaptations are not often a success, but I actually thought this might become an exception. It is looking less and less likely with the latest reports.

So sport games are something that people are interesting in. Well now both Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and NBA 2K16 are offering additional features for their more keen fans. PGA Tour is now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One and PS4, with users getting access to the TPC Scottsdale DLC. If that DLC is not enough, PS4 owners will also get a theme for their console! NBA 2K16 has revealed a special edition version that comes with a Michael Jordan poster, Jordan Flathead wall cling, and various bonuses for your character in My Player. All games offer incentives nowadays to try and get fans signed up early. Neither of these appeal to me personally enough, but I’m sure Ash will be all over Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.

Closing up the news for the day and studio People Can Fly has reclaimed its independence. The developer — who is famous for such games as Bulletstorm, Painkiller and Gears of War: Judgement — was branded as Epic Games Poland in 2013, prior to retaining the ownership. All of the three games I mentioned above were really great fun, especially Bulletstorm. I have high hopes for Fortnite, which is their next game in development. It’s also nice to see them take back full creative control of their studio, hopefully it will be for the best.

So there we go, a pretty slow day but still some interesting developments. All being well I should be able to give you a news update earlier tomorrow.

Have a good one