PS Plus Lineup Confirmed

Good evening everyone! It’s a late one today, but still some very exciting news to digest, starting with the July Instant Game Collection for PS Plus members.

Let’s kick off with the title I’m most pumped for, Rocket League. If you have not heard of this PS4 game until now, I very much recommend you check it out. Think of it as football with racing cars. You guys know I’m not big on multiplayer, but this is definitely one I want to play with my friends. Here is a trailer for it:



Also on the PS4 is Styx: Master Of Shadows. I don’t know much about this stealth action game (with RPG elements), but goblins are just so likeable right?? We then have two more PS4 games; Mousecraft and Entwined — both these games are also cross-buy with PS3 and Vita. Mousecraft looks like a cute little puzzle game and Entwined looks like it does have gorgeous aesthetics. Closing out the Instant Game Collection is Rain on the PS3 and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions for Vita. Rain should not be confused with the incredible Heavy Rain mind you. If you know me, you will know twin-stick shooters are right up my street so Geometry Wars on my Vita is perfect. Overall a very solid lineup for PS Plus once again, although I’m sure we will get the usual trolls bemoaning the lack of triple A titles. Some people need to open up their minds!



If you are one of those players that only cares for the triple A games, well it doesn’t get much bigger than Uncharted 4. We have spoken about this game a lot recently but I just want to leave here the extended gameplay trailer from E3. You need to watch this trailer as it does look incredible! I don’t get the same excitement from Uncharted 4 as other upcoming games because I know it will be great but, what I’m now wondering, could it be the best Uncharted game?



So we have an update on the whole Batman: Arkham Knight PC fiasco. It now appears the Warner Bros. may have been aware of the issues before the game launched. According to sources close to Kotaku, this knowledge could go back months. Wow! If this report is actually true, and the anonymous QA tester seems confident in his words, then this is incredibly bad for Warner Bros. How can they possibly defend this action? This quite possibly could be the beginning of the end for them on PC. Gamers can be a vocal group, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the PC community voted with their wallets!

Let’s move over to Xbox briefly, and Phil Spencer has responded to yesterday’s news that PS4 is destroying Xbox One in Europe by saying “We need to do better Europe.” This much was obvious after yesterday but, after everything I’ve seen Phil Spencer achieve for Xbox over the past year, I do believe he will find ways to achieve this. Gamescom is a great chance for them to do this with the lineup already looking strong, especially with Sony not holding a press conference.

Staying with conferences and who is going to San Diego Comic-Con next week? If you are then you will be able to get some hands on time with The Division. The game will be featured in the Xbox lounge, ahead of its beta later this year. I would love to go to SDCC one year, although I don’t think I could handle San Diego in July! Just any conference would be a great experience, maybe Gamescom next year…..that is a bit closer to home at least!

Closing out and there is some bad news for Australian gamers. The Australian government, which is renowned for it’s tight restrictions on video games, has banned 220 games from sale over the past 4 months! While some titles won’t be the most well known — with Hotline Miami 2 being the most recognisable —  this is still an incredibly large number. Australia seriously what are you doing? Video games are an art form. If you ban video games, then you have apply the same logic to feature film, TV and books. In this day and age I thought we could live in a society where we could make up our own mind on the suitability of content, and not be dictated by governments…..obviously not!

Well that’s it for today, I’ll be back again tomorrow with all you Friday news.