Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft

Happy Monday everybody! So seeing as we had Independence Day over in America (Happy 4th July to all our American fans) there is not much news to discuss, but let’s see what we can come up with.

Our saving grace was that Minecon — a conference all about Minecraft — took place in London over the weekend so we did get plenty of updates about the world of Minecraft. We will start off with all the updates coming to the current iteration, with the big inclusion being the ability to dual wield. There are several ways that this will benefit the player, and they even showed off one examples at the conference. You can now hold a pickaxe in one hand and a torch in the other, something that will surely help those who like to dig deep into the ground. They also eluded to adding a shield to the player’s arsenal in a future update — the benefits of a shield speak for themselves.

If you are more a long range attacker fear not, as enhanced arrows will also be making their way to the game. The final details have not yet been worked out yet — Mojang wants to ensure there is a balance of play — but certain arrows mentioned; poison, spectral and glow.

The final update reveal was a change to The End. I have no idea what this is, but apparently it will no longer be just one island, but rather a fully fledged area like The Nether. As you can probably attain from this statement, I’m not a big Minecraft player. I did try it for a few hours when it first came to PC/Mac, but I just didn’t quite understand the big deal. I’m sure a lot of people are happy for these updates though.

Staying with the Minecraft news, Microsoft has announced the next version of the game, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. Players of the existing version need not worry as this is not replacing the existing PC version, instead it is an entirely separate platform that looks to “take advantage of the advanced technology and gaming platform provided by Windows 10.” This version will first release in beta, which goes live on July 29th. As an incentive for existing owners of the PC game, they will get access to the beta for free. I’m not entirely sure how different this will be from the existing version, but I would guess that it will be small cosmetic changes at best, with the main improvements coming in ‘under the hood’. I will also imagine that this version could potentially lead to cross play functionality with the Xbox One.

Last piece of Minecraft news I promise, the first Minecraft: Story Mode details have been revealed. The game will follow the similar Telltale Games format: a narrative-drive story spread over a number of episodes (five), where your choices effect the outcome of they story. We found out that the main protagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode will be Jesse (not Steve) who is on a quest to save the world! The latest TellTale story will begin later on this year, but I do question whether or not it is time for TellTale to step away for a little while to update their engine. They have been using the same engine for 3 years, and even then it wasn’t great!

Right I will close out a little fun story that is not Minecraft. So we all saw at Xbox’s E3 press conference that Rare Replay is a thing that is happening and will be coming on 4th August 2015. Now many of you may remember some of these classic games from back on your N64. Well Chris Kallizzi has put together a rough prototype of the N64 controller working with the Xbox One! You can see in the video below that the concept is there, but the inputs are still not 100%. It would be a great addition to have to experience those games, like Perfect Dark, but I doubt this will ever make mass production. Still, I thought it was pretty cool.


Right that’s it for today, hopefully I can bring you something other than Minecraft tomorrow!