Gamers Help Improve Ubisoft

Hey Everybody! Another day brings more news our way and, while there are plenty of exciting topics to discuss, I want to start with how gamers have helped improve Ubisoft.

Speaking to The Guardian at E3, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that the fan backlash on the final visuals of Watch Dogs has made the company re-evaluate their pre-release policies. Apparently it will now be critical that that the demo shown must be playable on their target machine. If you recall, Watch Dogs looked incredible when it was first revealed at E3 2012, but the final product was slightly less impressive, from a visual perspective — I actually really enjoyed playing Watch Dogs regardless of the hate it got. I do find it surprising that a company has to make this their “new” policy. Surely this should have always been the case? Anything other than that is misleading your consumer.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I saw that Portal is a fantastic game that must be experience by all. Well Prism Studios must be even bigger fans than than me, as they have created a Portal 2 mod, called Portal Stories: Mel. The story helps gamers understand the events that occurred between Portal and Portal 2. The mod is available free on steam, however you must already own Portal 2 to be able to play. I love it when the gaming community creates content such as this, and more Portal is great news for fans of the series.



The next item isn’t quite free, but are still some fantastic deals in this week’s Ultimate Game Sale for Xbox. Full details of the sale can be found on Major Nelson’s blog, but a few stand out Xbox One offers include: 40% off Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, 60% off Far Cry 4, 75% off LEGO Batman 3, and 40% off Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Don’t worry Xbox 360 owners, there are some offers for you too! Some very good offers on here, I may have to pick up a couple of those games. I mean who can refuse Goat Simulator for only £5!

Any fans of horror adventure games out there? If so we have the perfect game for you, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter has been confirmed for a PS4 release next week. The game — which is listed on the PS Store for just under £14 — puts you in the role of a detective on the trail of a missing boy in Wisconsin. Based on the reviews that this game got on it for PC, I’m very interested in picking this title up next week.



Staying with PS4 and it appears that we could have another new came coming shortly, as a Sony site has outed that Journey will finally be making its PS4 debut on July 21st. We already knew that the critically-acclaimed game was coming sometime this year, but the idea of playing it in the next couple of weeks is awesome! If you have never experienced Journey before, I can only recommend you do, it is something truly special.

Closing out the news and I just want to leave this trailer here for the cover star of 2K‘s upcoming fighter, WWE 2K16. The latest version of the annualised franchise is set to release on 30th October 2015.



That’s it for today, all I’ve got left to say is….STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!