Xbox Succeeds But Microsoft Falters

Hey everyone, so more Xbox news today and we are going to start with some figures after Microsoft released its earning report for the fourth quarter in its fiscal year.

The headline behind the report is that Microsoft lost $2.1 Billion — this may sound a lot but to put things in perspective Microsoft is currently valued at approx $368 Billion. However, despite this loss, the Xbox division had a revenue increase of 27%. The increase was credited to strong console sales. It is good to hear that the Xbox is selling well and, with the strong lineup due this year, I expect those sales to continue to improve.

Talking of Xbox games, ReCore and Sea Of Thieves are two new IPs that were revealed at E3 last month. Due to these reveals, it has been confirmed by Phil Spencer that these games won’t appear to Gamescom next month as “another demo so close to E3 is just tough on production.” This isn’t really surprising and I don’t think we need another trailer. Now we know the games exist, the studios should be heads down hard at work to bring the titles to us next year. I would be happier if the next time we see these are when we get a release date, and those release dates are only a few months out.



One more Xbox related story, Microsoft are planning to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One. Phil Spencer again shared this information with us via his Twitter. Before PC gamers start getting too excited, further details of how this integration will be used is yet to be revealed. It is possible that this could be just basic UI controls and not actually for gaming. Again, if a game is console only, then the controls may not necessarily transfer over to a keyboard and mouse. I definitely remain intrigued so will be sure to bring you more details as they become available.

Minecraft is a pretty big franchise — Microsoft did recently purchase it for $2 Billion after all — and next up is their big screen debut. The director for the upcoming project has been revealed today as Rob McElhenney. McElhenney is most famous for his role as “Mac” in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where he has also directed several episodes. I’m not a fan of Minecraft but I am now interested in this film due to McElhenney’s involvement. By the way, if you haven’t already watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, you should check it out on Netflix now…’s excellent.

The Amiibo craze has certainly taken over thousands of gamers during the past several months. Now I haven’t seen the big appeal for the Amiibos yet (maybe it has something to do with my lack of owning a Wii U) but I have to admit the latest one available for pre-order is pretty awesome! The two versions — standard variant and modern colour — will be available September 11th and October 23rd respectively. I would recommend checking out this bundle if you are interest in the Mario Maker as well.




That’s it for today. I’l be back again tomorrow.