Rise Of The Tomb Raider Coming To PS4

Big news to end the week as Square Enix has announced that Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be available for the PC and PS4 in 2016.

The previously Xbox One exclusive game will come to PC and PS4 “early 2016” and “holiday 2016” respectively. It has long been discussed that the Xbox One version was only a timed exclusive, and to learn that it’s duration is one year on consoles seems to make sense. What does surprise me is the timing of this announcement! I would have thought that Xbox would have at least got confidentiality on these details until after their version launched. You can now probably expect some people to be happy to wait — especially as Fallout 4 releases the same day as Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

Talking of Fallout, Bethesda has revealed Fallout Anthology for the PC. The complete game collection comes with every Fallout game released so far and even has a space reserved for the Fallout 4 disc. What makes this collection even more appealing is that is comes inside a Fat Man mini-nuke replica. If I was a PC gamer I would consider picking this up when it releases on October 3rd — although you can probably purchase the games for far less than £40 on Steam.




Resident Evil Revelations 2 was the successful episodic adventure that came to PS4 earlier this year. Well handheld gamers can now rejoice as the Vita version will be available on August 18th. I don’t have many horror games on my Vita and didn’t get the opportunity to play this title earlier in the year, so it might be worth picking up. My only concern will be performance, as the Vita has sometimes struggled with performance on more demanding games — I hope Revelations doesn’t fall into this group.



August is actually a busy month for games this year and Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition is just one of those August titles. The game has now officially gone gold ahead of its imminent release and, to celebrate, The Coalition has released the opening cinematic to the game. I am super excited to play this game again as I loved Gears Of War when it first game to Xbox 360. I never actually completed the sequels so I plan to play them all in sequence (hopefully using backwards compatibility) if I ever get the time. Maybe I should play video games for a living…..



If I want to go pro, then I may become subject to drug testing after the ESL announced that it will start testing its competitors during competitions. The decision has come following an admission by a gamer that his team used Adderall — the ADHD drug — when competing in a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament. To be honest, this decision makes sense. There is more and more money in gaming now and people shouldn’t be allowed to gain unfair advantages by taking drugs.

Let’s end the news with a couple of fun and awesome stories. First up is Half-Life — a pretty iconic game and one that I loved playing back in my PC days. Well now it appears that you can play this game on an Android Wear watch. The video below shows YouTuber Dave Bennett showing off the game, using the SDLash App. Ok so it isn’t perfect, but its still pretty cool!



If this didn’t impress you, this one definitely will! YouTuber CryZENx has shown us how pretty Pokemon would look when using the Unreal 4 engine. This is the game I want — an open-world 3D Pokemon game using the original 151 Pokemon! Going out, roaming the world, collecting them all, battling the gym leaders — my god it would be so good.



As it’s Friday, here are this week’s latest releases:

Have a good weekend.