Mafia 3 Confirmed & Games With Gold

Hi everyone! So a couple of big items to talk about today and we will start off with the news that Mafia 3 has been officially confirmed!

The details on the announcement are pretty thin right now, but developer 2K teased that more information will be coming at Gamescom on August 5th. This announcement isn’t a huge surprise — we did get information about domains being registered and jobs listings being posted — but it is still welcome one! I loved the first Mafia game so I’m excited to revisit the franchise again. We will be sure to bring you the announcement trailer next week!

Following hot on the heels of the Mafia news is details of August’s upcoming Games With Gold. On the Xbox One you can get in the mood for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s September 1st release, with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes being free for the entire month. If you have already experienced this game — or picked it up on PS4 as part of June’s PS+ lineup — then How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition will be available between August 16th till September 15th. I know we already have enough zombie games to survive a lifetime, but How To Survive looks like a fun game. I will definitely be checking this out next month.



Xbox 360 gamers will get the chance to download Metro: 2033 — the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter — during the first half of the month. Then, from August 16th, you can pick up the game’s sequel — Metro: Last Light. I really like that they are releasing sequential games in the same month! I haven’t had the chance to play the Metro games so am excited to give them the chance.



Stepping aside from the two main stories of the day, Square Enix has potentially teased new games in development for the upcoming Nintendo NX console. It should be clarified that Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are both currently “only under consideration for Nintendo NX” but to know that this games are even under consideration for the console shows how far along the development cycle is on the NX. I personally don’t care for Dragon Quest games, but this is what Nintendo needs to do from the offset — get third party studios onboard.

So I’m sure we all still remember those awesome looking Pip-Boy editions for Fallout 4. Well it appears that Bethesda simply can’t keep up with the demand and that we shouldn’t expect anymore to become available. Apparently they are making as many Pip-Boys as they can within the factory, but the demand has been way higher than expected. I hesitated on this special edition so am now out of luck :-(.




Anyway let’s focus on some cool collector items that will (hopefuully) be slightly easier to obtain. A line of Bioshock Infinite Funko Pop! figures have been revealed. The collection will include Elizabeth,  two versions of Booker DeWitt — one with his sky-hook and one with his signature shotgun — a Little Sister and then a Big Daddy. These figures look awesome! I love the Pop! sereis and want WAY too many of them. Someone please buy them for me, my birthday is next month!




That’s it for today, I’ll be back again tomorrow.