Could We Chose Our Future PS+ Games?

So every month gamers manage to moan about the games given to them with PlayStation Plus — apparently if it isn’t a big AAA game it must be terrible — well that could soon be changing.

According to a user over on NeoGAF, a video was viewable in the “What’s New” section of his PS4, talking about a new PS Plus feature called “Vote To Play”. According to the video, gamers will be given the chance to vote for one of three games and the winner will then become the free game in the following month’s Instant Game Collection — the remaining two will still get a discount. I like the idea of giving the gamers more choice in the games they get as part of their subscription, but unfortunately it won’t stop the haters. It really annoys me when I see people constantly moan about the number of “indie” games — when will they realise that indie doesn’t make it a shitty game?! Rocket League is “indie” and that seems to have been pretty well received…..




Talking of Rocket League, Psyonix Studios has revealed that the game has been downloaded over 5 million times! Ok so it is currently free for PS Plus users, but this is still great for the studio. I have to admit that Rocket League is an incredibly fun game and I’m happy that so many people are enjoying it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do so as you’re running out of time to get it for free. I feel like this could well be my next platinum trophy…..

While on Rocket League, we should discuss the first DLC pack that is coming in August. Titled Supersonic Fury, the pack will include two new Battle-cars, two new rocket boosts, two new wheel types, and five new paint sets — not bad for £3! In addition to the paid DLC, a free update will include a new map, called the Utopia Coliseum, 70 new country flags, updated goal explosions, and a spectator mode so you can watch other games from any camera angle. It seems that Psonix are very committed to continuing to support Rocket League, as this is “just the beginning of what is plenty more to come.” I can’t wait to see what they have in store.



Let’s stay on PlayStation news for just one more segment, and Sony has revealed that a total of 25.3 millions PS4 consoles have been sold to date. These figures are incredible for a console that hasn’t even been out two years yet! Sony’s most successful console — the PS2 — took almost 3 years to reach similar sales, and we just talked yesterday about the Wii U reaching 10 million. The most amazing thing about this is that the PS4 doesn’t even have any real exclusives yet — the only stand out games for me are inFAMOUS: Second Son, Resogun, and now Rocket League (although that is also on PC). Who knows what will happen next Spring when Uncharted 4 launches…..

That’s all I have today, not much going on. Hopefully we will have more tomorrow to close out the week.