Get Ready To Unravel In Early 2016

Hi everyone, so it appears that the gaming industry started the weekend a day early but let’s go through what little news we do have.

First up, EA has revealed that their endearing platformer Unravel is due to be released in Q1 2016. We first saw Unravel at EA’s E3 press conference, and I immediately fell in love with Yarny — a small red figure made entirely out of twisted yarn. I can’t wait for us to see more of Coldwood‘s game as we get closer to release. Not only is it different to anything¬†you would expect EA to publish, it already looks like it could be something special.



Another game coming in early 2016 will be Worms WMD. Team 17 has announced the latest version will be coming to Xbox One and PC, whilst Worms 4 will be hitting mobile devices next month. I remember playing the original Worms and Worms 2 on my PC back in the day, but never quite got the cult following. Everyone I knew loved them, but I thought they were very average games. I don’t think I’ll be picking these ones up.

One game I will be picking up next month is Until Dawn, the horror game coming exclusively to PS4. Luckily we don’t have to worry about any delays as developer Supermassive Games has announced today that the game has gone gold. If you are not already familiar, Until Dawn appears to be heavily inspired by teen slasher movies and the choices you make with the characters will determine who lives, and who dies. I’m excited to play it,¬†and will definitely do a let’s play on it when it releases so look out for that.



Let’s stay with PS4 for a little longer and Driveclub — the console exclusive racer — has now sold in excess of 2 million copies. Driveclub‘s game director Paul Rustchynsky did confirm that this milestone was passed prior to the release of the PlayStation Plus version that went live last month. Considering the rough launch that this game had, 2 million copies is a great achievement. It does beg the question though, what if they hadn’t botched the release, those figures would be way higher. I like Driveclub, but who knows if this is enough to allow Evolution Studios to make a sequel.

While we talk achievements it was revealed today that there are now officially more than 100,000 achievements for gamers to get across Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The total possible gamerscore associated to these achievements would 2.3 million! My 25,000 looks pretty pathetic next to it, but I have never really been an achievement hunter. It is crazy to think that a feature launched only 10 years ago has now become such a big part of gaming today.

Closing out the news section for the week and does anyone have a spare $300? Are you a fan of Bloodborne? If the answer to these two questions is yes then you may want to consider picking up this Hunter statue. The statue is being made by Japanese company Gecco, and 12.5″ 1/6 scale replica of Bloodborne‘s famous Hunter. The detail looks absolutely incredible and if I was a bigger fan of Bloodborne I would definitely consider it!




It’s Friday, so here are the latest games releases:

That’s your lot for this week. Hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll be back next week with all the Gamescom news — I can’t wait!