EA Gamescom Conference

Hi everyone! Apologies I’m so late today — that damn social life is getting in the way of my writing — but let’s breakdown EA‘s press conference.

The show kicked off with Star Wars Battlefront — one of the most anticipated multiplayer games coming this fall. A new game mode called Fighter Squadron was the centre of attention, which pits Rebels against the Empire in the skies above Sullust. To make the mode even more appealing, get ready to be able to take control of TIE fighters, X-Wings, Slave 1, and the Millennium Falcon! Why does this game keep looking so awesome?! I really want to experience these battles but I really don’t like online multiplayer. If only there was a campaign to compliment the multiplayer aspect, then I’d be on board day one!



Next we got to see more of Yarny being adorable in the upcoming platformer, Unravel. Coldwood Interactive provided us with a new gameplay trailer, which shows off some of the platforming as Yarny attempts to overcome obstacles. I just spoke last week about how excited I am to give this game a go. To already feel invested in a character I haven’t even controlled yet is not something I can say happens often. 2016 can’t come soon enough.



Another game coming early next year is Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. EA revealed a new gameplay trailer for Faith’s latest adventure, which showcases her parkouring abilities as she races across rooftops, breaking into, and then inevitably escaping, a building. This game does look very impressive and I hope that it builds on the promise of its predecessor. I liked what the first game did, but it definitely had it’s limitations — like whenever Faith encountered an enemy!



It wouldn’t be an EA conference without mentioning some of their sports titles, and they used the European location to focus on FIFA 16. After leading with the announcement that the Germany Bundesliga would be getting a brand new broadcast-style presentation, they focused on the new features in this year’s FIFA title. We know that FIFA is more about evolution and not revolution, but FUT is getting a draft mode — where you pick from a selection of the best players in each position and then see if you can win four games on the bounce. FUT will also get new legends, and a bigger emphasis on presentation when you have a rare or star player in your line-up. I used to be a big fan of FUT, but its appeal has waned on me a little the last couple of years. The biggest changes I’m excited for are in Career mode where you can now actually train your players outside of games — hopefully this will mean growing the potential of those youngsters that little bit quicker. We will also get pre-season tournaments, so those warm-up games should feel slightly less pointless now — additional funds can be added to your transfer budget if you win.


Need For Speed was up next and it appears now, more than ever, that this will be Fast & Furious the video game. The returning racer will included a narrative-driven campaign that includes 5 icons from the racing world, one of which is gymkhana icon Ken Block. Again the trailer is a lot of live-action and not much gameplay so I can’t really have a real impression on the game. My gut tells me that it won’t reach the heights of Forza Horizon 2.



That was the big five from EA’s press conference, but I can’t sign off without giving a mention to Mafia III. After announcing the game last week, 2K revealed further details including the first trailer. We have learnt that the game will be set in the late 60’s and will follow Lincoln Clay — a mixed race individual who struggled with the violent racism in his southern city of New Orleans. As an orphan, Clay tries to find family and, after a stint in Vietnam, returns to find a place with the Mafia. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but it doesn’t stop me from being excited about this game. I know I must sound a bit like a broken record now, but there are so many freaking awesome games on the horizon. What a great time to be a gamer!



That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with more Gamescom news.