Gamescom Wrap-Up & No Man’s Sky

Monday has returned and that weekend went far too quickly for my liking! Anyway let’s have a look at the latest news (or more specifically the news from last week that I missed).

So Gamescom bought us a lot of awesome news and insight into upcoming games, one of which is Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. DICE’s Design Director Eric Oeldahl confirmed that Catalyst is in fact a reboot. In a live show with IGN he said:

“We basically took the things we really liked about the first game. Faith, first and foremost, the first-person free-running gameplay, and also the aesthetics, which we’ve built on, of course.”

“But it’s a reboot. We’re telling Faith’s origin story, so the events of the first game actually don’t really exist. Maybe they will at one time in the future.”

 I’m sure it was initially indicated that it was not a full reboot but I would say this is pretty black and white. The latest trailer looked amazing and I’m really excited to traverse this new open world, parkour-style, with Faith. I just hope that any combat is stronger this time round.

Now let’s talk about what I fear is a forgotten game (I am equally guilty for missing the trailer last week), Mad Max. The post-apocalyptic action game is due to release in less than one month, on September 1st — the same day as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The trailer looks really cool, and showcases the Strongholds — the outposts that are scattered across the world. I like that the combat is aching to Rocksteady’s Batman titles, but I fear the release date will be this game’s downfall. The Phantom Pain is going to slaughter Mad Max.

Another Gamescom trailer, this time for Just Cause 3. The trailer launches with what I assume is the evil general, who Rico will be trying to bring down. It’s a Just Cause game so we see lots of explosions, and other over-the-top action — my favourite scene sees Rico hanging from a helicopter using his legs and shooting at enemies on the ground.

No Man’s Sky is a game most people have heard of by now, but still might not know much about. Well we are now all in luck as Alex Wiltshire from Hello Games has took to the PlayStation Blog to give us “41 amazing things about No Man’s Sky.” I will let you go across and read all of them, but a couple of my favourites include:

  • It would take you 585 billion years to visit every planet, even for a single second on each.
  • The big objective is to reach the centre of the universe.
  • If you are the first to discover a species or planet then you can name them (within reason).
  • If you mine planets too heavily or kill creatures, you will get a wanted level — although some planets are lawless.
  • Everywhere is real — if you can see a distant place you can go to it.

I still can’t fathom how a game can be so big, the guys over at Hello Games are seriously talented. I can’t wait to just go exploring in this game.


That’s it for today, I’ll be back again tomorrow.