Everyone Can Run From The Rapture

I hope by now that my fellow PS4 gamers are enjoying Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. For those that are, we have an update from The Chinese Room to improve our experience.

According to The Chinese Room’s blog post, Rapture does actually have a sprint button. This news will be of much relieve to the gamers who have complained about the slow movement of your character when exploring the abounded British village. ¬†Apparently the lack of clarity to such a button was a result of a late development change in how the players movement would work — previously the player would build-up to an auto-sprint. I have not had a chance to play the game much yet, so luckily I can get the benefit of the sprint button.

Let’s stay with PS4, and the firmware update 3.0 is not too far out. The latest update is currently in beta in Japan and, according to website Pocket News, the biggest new feature will be the ability to broadcast on YouTube. In addition to this the social features will be improved, with users able to upload a 10 second clip to Twitter, and the Share function will now support gameplay clips and screenshots. For a full list, you can check out Gemastu‘s translation of the original post. I think connecting to YouTube is a big deal, and I can’t wait to see how YouTube Gaming competes with Twitch.

More PS4 news, and Ubisoft‘s Grow Home has now been confirmed for the console. It was highly expected to coming after the leaked image as part of the PS Plus vote to play feature — the voting starts tomorrow and runs till August 24th. Even if Grow Home doesn’t win the vote to be the free game, it will still get a discount when it releases. As you can see in the trailer below, Grow Home is a cute action platformer where you must return robot BUD to his home planet. If this wins the vote, I’ll definitely be interested in playing (if I ever have time).

Final PS4 news — although technically it is more Call Of Duty related — and Treyarch has released details of the upcoming Black Opps III beta. The beta, which comes first to PS4 next week, will feature three maps, seven different game modes and eight specialists — full details of all these features can be found on Treyarch’s blog. I have to admit that players are getting a lot of options considering this is only a beta. I won’t be participating but I hope the gamers that do will enjoy it but remember, it is still only a beta so it is not going to be perfect yet.

For the sake of diversity we have to include at least some Xbox news today, and EA has confirmed, via Twitter, that they are¬†currently looking into the possibility of adding Xbox 360 games to the EA Access Vault. This is all a possibility thanks to the backwards compatibility program, which launches on Xbox One this November. I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet, but the prospect of being able to play Burnout Paradise on my Xbox One has me just a little bit excited! I already am a big supporter of EA Access — Dragon Age Inquisition, Madden 15, and Need For Speed Rivals already made sure my subscription paid for itself — and think it provides great value for money to those who enjoy EA titles.

That’s all for today. I shall return (hopefully earlier) tomorrow.