Uncharted Collection About To Get Brutal

If you didn’t already know, we here at TGI are quite big fans of the Uncharted series. With that in mind, let’s kick off todays news with some Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection details.

We already know that the HD collection of the PS3 trilogy is coming to PS4 on October 9th, but it appears that a whole new difficulty mode is being introduced. Brutal difficulty mode will become playable once you beat the game on Crushing mode to offer an even greater challenge. A greater challenge than Crushing, are they serious?! Maybe this says more about my ability but I would say Crushing mode was very aptly named — I don’t need anything harder. On the flip side there is an Explorer mode for beginners, which offers a far easier ride. If you fancy beating the game quickly, a Speed Run mode will be available so you can compete against your friends for the fastest time. Closing out the new game mode options is 65 character skins that you will be able to use — I’m sure fat Drake will be one of these! I can’t wait to play this series again, I just need to decide when it will fit into my gaming schedule.

From one remaster to another, Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition is just over a week away and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As the release becomes imminent, Microsoft has ensured the hype continues for their summer release with the release of a old new trailer. Even if you haven’t played Gears Of War, most people will remember the 2006 “Mad World” debut trailer . Well, it has now been re-made with a combination of original and new scenes, all accompanied with the haunting Mad World track over the top. This trailer instantly made me feel nostalgic towards when I first saw the original trailer back in 2006. Here is the new trailer in all its glory:

Next up we move to a brand new IP and new studio Fool’s Theory — a studio made up of former CD Projekt Red members — has revealed their first game, SevenSeven is a “Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG, in which you take on a role of a lone traveller.” The game will be set in a “nonlinear, sandbox world” in which you will experience a “beyond post-apocalyptic” world. There are not any further details at this stage, but if it is being developed by people who worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you can be sure that it will be a dense world! Hopefully more details will be available soon as this is definitely one to keep an eye on.


The year 2015 sees the return of plastic instruments in the form of Rock Band 4. Well today is a pretty big deal for the game as Van Halen is finally joining the party! The band’s smash hit Panama will be on the disc when it launches on October 9th. Harmonix also confirmed that additional Van Halen content will be coming to the Rock Band Music Store post-launch. I’m still undecided about picking up the latest iteration of Rock Band, but it is good to see that they are still looking to add classic rock artists such as Van Halen.

Closing out the news, and following the recently lifted ban on console sales in China, it appears that a new player is coming to the market. The OUYE is currently looking for a backing of CNY 100,000 (approx £10,000) on the Chinese version of Kickstarter. Not only does the name strike a close resemblance to Ouya — the discontinued android machine — it looks almost identical to the PS4. If that is not enough, the controller is also clearly a rip-off of the Xbox One controller! What you’re seeing is a direct result of the lack of copyright enforcement in China. Still, not a bad console for £50!


Until tomorrow,