PS Plus Free Games For September

Hey everyone! It’s my birthday today so will be a slightly shorter entry, but I at least have to cover the September lineup for PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection.

Following the recent vote-to-play feature that Sony introduced to its PS Plus members, we now know that the inaugural  winner is Grow Home. I spoke about this action platformer when it was first announced and I’m happy that I now get a chance to check it out. Joining Grow Home on the PS4 is Super Time Force Ultra — the fast-paced side-scrolling action platformer where you rewind time and learn how to beat the bullet hell levels. Next up is Xeodrifter a metroidvania-like action game where your astronaut must visit nearby planets in order to repair his space ship. Closing out the PS4 list is Teslagrad — a 2D puzzle platform game where you must use your electromagnetic powers to progress and unlock the secrets in the Tesla Tower. Both Xeodrifter and Teslagrad are cross-buy with the Vita and PS3 respectively.

The additional PS3 game available to you next month will be Twisted Metal. This demolition derby racer is actully the longest-running series exclusive to PlayStation, with the series going back to the original PlayStation. This game was a critical success so I wonder if we will ever see the series again on the PS4? Your final game this month is PS Vita title La Mulana EX — a Metroid inspired side-scrolling platform game. So no stand out title this month compared to Rocket League and Limbo from previous offerings, but still a decent selection none the less. I don’t need any more games to play next month anyway!

With all the games coming this fall, it can be easy to forget that the music genre is making a return with the like of Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4Rock Band 4 is the one currently in the news for the “wrong” reasons as there is a lot of issues with the pricing. First up is the news that the Xbox One standalone version will cost £20 more as it needs an adaptor to play your old instruments, whereas the PS4 does not. I can understand this but if you look at something like Rocksmith, which comes with an adaptor but remains the same price as a normal game, it doesn’t make Harmonix/Mad Catz look too good. To make matters even worse, UK residents are getting screwed on pricing. The full band set will cost us £220 ($345) vs the $250 price in the US. It could be worse, as Australia are set to pay $500 ($360) for their bundles. This is something that we are used to now in the UK, but I have to say this price point has completely put me off buying the game. I could get myself a new console for the same amount.

Closing out the video game news and — the perfect birthday present for me — I Am Bread is now available on the PS4! This bread simulation extravaganza is priced at £9.99 (£8.99 for PS Plus members) and challenges you with toasting your slice of bread, while maintaining its edibility. Ever since its release on PC I have thought this game looked like great fun, so I’m excited that I now get to play it — expect to see a Let’s Play very shortly.

Not gaming news, but I’m just gonna leave this video here too. It was another very enjoyable present to wake up to!

Have a good one!