Play Evolve For Free This Weekend

Hey everybody, so I missed yesterday’s news blog but decided to make up with it with a quick update today. Let’s start with how Xbox One gamers can enjoy Evolve for free this weekend!

2K has announced that their hunters vs monsters FPS is available to all Xbox Live Gold members, and PC gamers, for the next three days. This free trial will include the primary four monsters, eighteen hunters, nineteen maps and five game modes. If gamers like what they play, they will be able to purchase the game and carry over their progress. I played Evolve when it first came out but I just wasn’t grabbed by it. Despite the 4 vs 1 nature, I still found the monsters to be a bit over-powered, or that may have simply been the team I was on not working well enough together.

Also taking place this weekend, are various bonuses and discounts in GTA Online. As part of Rockstar‘s Labor Day weekend sale, players will get double RP, along with additional cash bonuses for certain missions, and a 25% discount at some of the in-game stores. I haven’t played GTA Online¬†in so long and I do want to give it a go again, especially with the heists finally available. Realistically though I won’t be playing it for a while — I haven’t even had time to get into The Phantom Pain yet ūüė¶

Fallout 4 is another game coming this year that I want to spend a lot of time with. Following the wrapping of the game’s voice recording, Bethesda has confirmed, via Twitter, just how many lines of dialogue there is — just over 111,000 to be exact! I feel like this story has some deja vu to it, but it couldn’t have just been something else massive that Bethesda was revealing about Fallout 4. To put this into context, this is more lines than Fallout 3¬†and Skyrim¬†combined! Man, Fallout 4 along with¬†The Phantom Pain¬†are taking over my life for the rest of the year!

Closing out the news, and it appears that Harmonix is already planning their next game game, before Rock Band 4 has even hit the shelves! The developer has confirmed that they will be looking to crowdfund their next game using the crowdfunding platform, Fig. We spoke about Fig not too long ago, and this differs from Kickstarter as it offers backers the chance to actually become equity owners in the project, and therefore be entitled to a share of the profits. I can also understand this approach as Harmonix is effectively an indie studio, and I can get behind Fig more than Kickstarter. It will be interesting to see what the studio does next.

Closing out, here are the games that were released this week:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!