It Is Time To Rev Those Engines

Monday is here, and I don’t want to go back to work yet — there is more The Phantom Pain to play! Anyway, let’s stick it straight into top gear as there is a lot of racing news today!

First up, Forza Motorsport 6 has released something worth talking about, and I’m jumping all over it! The new commercial trailer, which can be seen below, takes us on a road trip down memory lane while paying tribute to such racers as Gran Trak 10, RC Pro Am and Ridge Racer. It is an incredibly well directed trailer, and it really shows us racing fans how far the genre has come in the past 40 years. Having already spent some time with the demo, I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version next week. Be sure to keep checking back for my Let’s Play of the game, in addition to a classic Let’s Play of the original Forza Motorsport.

One of Forza‘s biggest rivals in the racing-simulation genre is Gran Turismo, and it appears that Polyphony Digital are stepping on the gas pedal in preparation for Gran Turismo 7. The studio has added thirteen new job listings to their recruitment site for a variety of engineers. I think this is a pretty clear indication that an announcement for a new Gran Turismo is on the horizon. TGS and Paris Game Week are coming up shortly, along with PlayStation Experience at the end of the year. I haven’t invested substantial time into a Grand Turismo game for along time now. With Forza offering everything I need, Polyphony would have to do something pretty special to win me over again. That said, Gran Turismo 3 is one of my favourite racers of all time.

Stepping down the podium from the AAA racers, comes the announcement of an interesting racer called Drive!Drive!Drive! This racer is being developed by the independent studio Different Cloth, and offers a twist to the normal racing games we see today. If you have ever wanted to win more than one race at the same time, then this is your game! Yes that’s right, you can switch between different tracks while you race, in order to become victorious multiple times over. The circuits that you are not racing on will have your car AI controlled, but not necessarily competently. This means you will need to give each race your attention if you want to be successful. I must say I am very intrigued by this game, and will almost certainly have to play it just to see how it works — if at all!

Moving away from racing games today, and we have finally discovered the details about last year’s split between composer Marty O’Donnell and Bungie. It appears that O’Donnell was not happy with the restrictions that publisher Activision was placing on his artistic vision for the game. Activision apparently wanted to use their own music for an E3 trailer, and they eventually got their way. This story does help provide us with some insight into the power that a publisher can instigate over a game, even with a studio such as Bungie. When a man has been responsible for some of the greatest scores in video game history — his work on the Halo franchise — you should trust him to do the job you are paying him for!

Closing out the news and EA has announced the top 50 players in FIFA 16. Every year we get these lists from EA for all of their sports games, and I personally don’t quite understand the big deal, but people seem to be interested in it. It is probably not much of a surprise to hear we have Messi leading the way with a 94 overall, followed by Ronaldo with a 93 overall. Completing the top 5 are Suarez, Neuer, and Robben, each with a 90 overall rating. Some people enjoy playing FIFA with the elite stars, but I personally enjoy the game more by purchasing the world’s top prospects and watching them grow into an elite team — you can tell I’m an Arsenal supporter can’t you?!


That’s it for today. Until tomorrow