In A Galaxy Far Far Away

The next few months are going to reach extreme Star Wars fever. Not only do we have Episode 7 coming in December, we also have Star Wars: Battlefront!

EA‘s multiplayer action game will arrive on November 20th, and we have today discovered details of its latest game mode. According to an EA Blog ‘Drop Zone’ will encompass king of the hill style gameplay as two teams of eight will compete to capture and take control of five pods that land on planet surfaces. If you are able to control all five, or if you hold the majority after a 10-minute period, you win! While nothing revolutionary in terms of gameplay, Drop Zone sounds like a good addition to the options available in Star Wars: Battlefront. Any modes that require additional team tactics is only a good thing, provided you have a group of friends (or competent strangers) to team up with. I look forward to checking this out in EA Access.


Next up is the PSA for the day, and it comes from Konami issuing a warning about a potential corrupt save file in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The risk of your save file becoming corrupt and unusable occurs if you take Quiet as your buddy on either Mission 29 or Mission 42. While a fix is being worked on, the only way to guarantee the safety of your save file is to not take Quiet on those missions. Man, am I glad I haven’t got that far into the game yet. If I was lose my save file after that many hours I think I would cry… or break stuff!


Further to its announcement at GDC earlier this year, we now have a release date for Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One. Frontier Developments CEO David Braben confirmed on Reddit that the space adventure, trading, and combat simulator is coming to the console on October 6th. It has currently been part of the Xbox One preview programme, and gamers who participated in this programme will receive some kind of exclusive reward at launch. Elite: Dangerous does look like an interesting game, but with other space adventures such as No Man’s Sky and Adr1ft on the horizon, I think my space adventures will be invested elsewhere.

The football season is in full flow, and FIFA 16 is only a couple of weeks away! For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest FIFA, the demo for FIFA 16 is now live! The demo lets you play the standard kick-off feature, with the selection of ten different teams including: Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City. In addition, you can also try the new FUT draft feature, where you quick-pick an ultimate team from a selection of the world’s best players. Having played a couple games last night, there is already a noticeable improvement on previous entries. The defending feels more well-rounded and the passing range is also extended. There is no way I won’t be picking this up on release day.

Closing out news, and following yesterday’s news about a potential Mega Man, it appears that a Just Cause movie is also in the works. In an interview with IGN, producer Adrian Askarieh confirmed that such a film is in development, and it will draw inspiration from Just Cause 3. Obviously we don’t know the finer details of the Just Cause 3 story yet, but I personally like the idea of a Just Cause movie. Ok yes, history dictates that it won’t be any good — we still haven’t had a good film adaptation of a video game — but I will continue to hope that it can be as fun as the games are.

Until tomorrow,