Who’s Ready To Become A Pokemon Master?

Let’s get straight into it, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that all our Pokemon dreams are about to come true!

At a press conference today, it was announced that a new game called Pokemon Go will be coming to iOS and Android next year. The new game is being developed in collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic – the studio behind the multiplayer location-based AR game Ingress. Players will be able to track down and capture the Pokemon in real-world locations. If that isn’t awesome enough, it will also be paired with the Bluetooth device Pokemon Go Plus, which you can wear as a wristband and is designed to look like a Pokeball crossed with the Google Maps marker pin. The device will flash and vibrate when Pokemon are nearby! Holy shit, I can’t wait to become a real life Pokemon master! 9 year old me is so excited right now! My only slight concern is the limitations I will have living on such a small island. I’m sure more details will be revealed over the coming months.

People who know me will know that I have been a fan of Apple products for a long time, and it all started when I bought my first iPod back in 2003. One product I have never even consider purchasing is the Apple TV, but that may change for some gamers after last night’s reveal. The latest iteration of their box streaming device will now include video game support beyond iOS games. These include; Disney Infinity 3.0, Guitar Hero Live and Beat Sports – a new rhythm-based sports game from Harmonix. I think these are exactly the right type of games that Apple should be targeting, and this does now give parents a cheaper option when purchasing a device for their children wanting to play video games.

Moving back to more traditional games, and we have some news about Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer. If you were a fan of the map voting/veto system then look away now, as this will not be present in the latest Halo adventure. When questioned on Twitter, Josh Holmes — Studio Head for 343 Industries — confirmed that it would be “just straight rotation.” Personally I see this as more of a positive thing, as it will ensure that players are getting to experience the range of maps offered in the games.

Another of this year’s most anticipated games is Fallout 4. In one of the least surprising stories of the week, Besthesda has announced that the game will be getting a Season Pass, with DLC to follow next year. However, the game will also be getting regular free updates, which will bring new features to the game – a nice touch if I do say so myself. The announcement confirmed that cost of the Season Pass will be $30, we can probably expect it to be about £24. I personally don’t have the same issue with DLC or Season Passes as the majority of the interest, I just silently speak with my wallet and don’t purchase them.

That’s it from me today.