GTA Online Getting A Big Update

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all ready for the weekend, but the real excitement is for next week, when we see some big changes coming to GTA Online!

On September 15th, there will be several new game modes gracing GTA Online in the form of Freemode Events. The beauty of Freemode events are that they will appear every 12 minutes when in a freeroam and you can simply opt in or out, — no more waiting in lobbies! If you are more more into your voyeurism, there is event a spectate mode for these events. One of the new modes is ‘Hunt The Beast’, a classic game of cat and mouse, where one player is randomly selected as “the beast” and is gifted super strength and speed. He must make his way through 10 different checkpoints on the map while everyone else hunts him down — the catch being that “the beast” is only visible on the map momentarily, when passing through the checkpoint. I love the sound of this game mode and can’t wait to check it out. Being the beast is what I’m looking forward to, and I’ll have to decide if blending in with the public, or all guns blazing, is the way to go! Full details of the other events can be found on the Rockstar Forum and IGN. What makes this update even better, it is all free — something we don’t always see in today’s era of DLC and Season Passes!

Next up, and Ubisoft has announced a new social and information hub for Assassin’s Creed fans, called Assassin’s Creed Council. In a press release Ubisoft confirmed that:

“The Council is the number one destination for fans of the Assassin’s Creed universe, and provides direct access to the people creating the game for an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ take on the series.”

Membership to this council will be free and will also entitle you to “exclusive content.” Full details can be found on the council’s website. I personally think that this is quite a nice move by Ubisoft. Being given an insight into how the Assassin’s Creed games come to fruition sounds very interesting — I’m sure Dan will be all over this!

It might seem crazy, but Rock Band 4 is now only one month away! In the lead up to its release, Harmonix has shares some additional information on the game’s Career Mode. The Career mode will follow the journey of a small-town band, initially playing to only a handful of people. However, after this, there will then be choices to make to help you determine “exactly what kind of band you are.” Harmonix has stated that “later on things will get… trickier.” I would assume that most of these decisions will revolve around the type of music you will play, and whether or not you want to “sell out.” I said a few weeks back that the sheer price of this game put me off, and I stand by this decision…for now!

Closing out the news, and this is just a short and sweet announcement to confirm that a trial for NHL 16 is now available in EA Access, ahead of next week’s release. I am happy to report that some of the missing features are now back, although the pro scout feature is still very much missing — how the hell am I suppose to identify a second line winger without going through all 29 other rosters! The on-screen trainer is a nice addition, and really does help you improve your game.

Finally, here are this week’s game releases:

Have a good weekend!