Project Morpheus: Rest In Peace

Following Sony’s TGS conference this morning, we have discovered that Project Morpheus lives no more!

Don’t worry, the VR headset isn’t dead, it has simply been renamed to PlayStation VR. To move away from the project name isn’t surprising — the PS4 was initially known as Project Thebes — but I have to say the name is a bit boring! There was also still no consumer price point for the VR headset, which is almost certain to make or break the device. I’m hoping it will be reasonably priced, but It will also depend on what games support it — the announced Final Fantasy XIV Online doesn’t excite me as much as it will some!

You may or may not be surprised, but today’s entry will be focused on Sony’s TGS conference and we are sticking with it to learn that a Gravity Rush sequel is in the works, and can expect to see it arrive on PS4 at some point in 2016. The 2012 Vita title will also be coming to the PS4 on February 10th, for those that may not own the handheld console. This was the first game I played on my Vita, and still remains one of my favourite. If you have not played it before, try and find some time to play (I know that is easier said than done with the endless stream of games we get now).

Two more game announcements, and first is a release date of Dark Souls 3. The latest action RPG by From Software is officially coming to Japan on March 24th. Based on this being a Thursday, we can probably expect (or rather hope) to be playing it a day later on March 25th. Next up, and Yakuza 6 has been confirmed as a PS4 exclusive for 2016. At this moment in time that is all we know, but more details are expected to emerge from the TGS expo this week. Neither of these titles are games I particularly care for, but it does grow that ever expanding library of games confirmed for 2016.

One game I want to be excited for is Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. My initial thoughts were that I wouldn’t be picking up Syndicate this year – after buying Unity and never playing it – but I keep reading (and seeing) positive things. The latest details are regarding a DLC campaign, that will feature Jack The Ripper. It will take place 20 years after the events of Syndicate and will let players “join forces with Inspector Frederick Abberline of Scotland Yard to hunt down Jack the Ripper in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the infamous serial killer.” This sounds like a nice addition to a franchise that is determined to make amends for last year’s entry.

Finally, and we spoke yesterday about the Need For Speed beta for PS4 & Xbox. I noted that it was strange to omit the PC version from the beta, and we now have the answer for this. The PC version has been delayed until 2016 in order to ensure the “best possible experience”. It appears that the delay partially has come after listening to the PC community, and their desire for “an unlocked frame rate.” While disappointing, a delay is not always a bad thing. Just ask PC gamers trying to play Batman: Arkham Knight!

Until tomorrow,