The Taken King Is A Record Breaker!

Destiny‘s The Taken King may have only been out a couple of days, but it is already breaking records!

According to Activision, the latest DLC for Bungie’s FPS is the most downloaded game on launch day in PlayStation’s history. This feat eclipses the record previously held by Destiny last year. No details on the exact figures have been released, but we can assume it is in the millions! I hear that Destiny has taken strong steps to improve itself as an experience when compared to the game that existed last September, but I am just not that interested. I understand its appeal for some people, but there are far too many games coming out this year for me to re-visit an old one.

One game that won’t be coming this year now is Star Fox Zero. The long awaited return of the Star Fox series was initially planned for November, but Nintendo has confirmed, via Facebook, that we can now expect the game in “Spring 2016.” This will be a massive blow to Wii U owners as this was one of the last remaining “big releases” of 2015. With the exception of the recent Super Mario Maker, it looks like Nintendo gamers may have to look elsewhere for new gaming experiences. That said, I still maintain that if a game needs to be delayed, then so be it — we will get a better game at the end of it.

Talking of 2016 for Nintendo, it appears that another patent for the Nintendo NX has been filed. The filing was actually made all the way back in February, but only came to light in recent NeoGAF post, and shows what might be the controller for the NX. It appears to keep the same gamepad design of the Wii U, but with only two face buttons, not the previous four. The most interesting feature of the controller is that it appears to have two scrollable shoulder buttons. Obviously there is no guarantees this is official, but it does help ignite the fire. I do find the reduction to two face buttons a little strange though — even the 3DS has four.


Moving to the other big Japanese company, and Sony has announced details of the upcoming Uncharted 4 beta. The multiplayer beta will run from December 4th – 13th, and will be available to anyone who purchases a copy of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. We still don’t know exactly what the beta will entail, but nine days is a pretty long time! Coming with this announcement was a new Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection trailer, which can be seen below (warning: contains spoilers). I’m looking forward to playing some Uncharted again, it has been four years now since the release of Uncharted 3.

Closing out the news, although this is more a PSA, FIFA 16 is now available to play for a 10 hour trial via EA Access on the Xbox One. I have already used up half of my allocated time and have to say that there are some noticeable improvements over last year’s game. That being said, everything I’m reading about PES 2016 at the moment, maybe that is the football game I should be purchasing this year…

Talking of PES, here are all of this week’s releases:

Have a good weekend all!