The Future Of Video Game Consoles

Hi everyone! A bit of a late one today, and I want to kick off with the the latest bold predication from a video game analyst about the future of video game consoles.

Michael Pachter, of Wedbush Securities, has suggested that the console audience has reached it peak. He went on to suggest that this current generation will not exceed that of the previous generation, despite the PS4 and Xbox One currently outselling their last generation counterparts. The difference in this instance can most likely be determined by the Wii U’s failure, especially when compared to the Wii’s 101 million units sold. Despite the difference with Nintendo, I still think that Pachter is wide of the mark here. Console gaming has never been bigger than it is now, and I would expect this generation to surpass previous generations — provided it is not of shorter length in time.

Next up, and is it possible that we have another collection coming this year? According to South African retailer Raru, The Bioshock Collection will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in November. While not necessarily the most well known online retailer, you would have to assume that such a posting wouldn’t ever exist without some sort of merit. It is a collection that I would definitely welcome, as Bioshock is one of the best games of the past 10 years. I’m sure 2K read my blog, so please would you kindly make this leak be true.

A reunion has taken place this week at Bioware, with the return of writer Drew Karpyshyn. The former Mass Effect and KotOR writer has returned to the studio after completing his series of novels, Chaos Burn. Before anyone starts to get too excited, there is no confirmation that Karpyshan will be working on the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda. He will however be working on a Star Wars project, in the form of Star Wars The Old Republic. Good video game writers are not easy to come by, so based on his pedigree one can only assume this is good news for Bioware, and fans of The Old Republic.

DontNod Entertainment‘s Life Is Strange has been one of the most pleasant video game surprises I’ve encountered this year. After knowing very little about it, it now firmly has a place in my mind when talking about the best games of the year. With that in mind, you can probably imagine that I was excited to learn that we finally have a date for Episode 5 — the final episode in the season. That excited is slightly muted by the fact that October 20th is still a month away, and it is currently only a targeted release. The Episode is not yet “100% ready” but DontNod has confirmed that “the team are working really hard to try and hit this date.” I really hope they do, I can’t wait to find out Max’s fate.


Closing out today, and we have some brand new gameplay for the upcoming Xbox One timed-exclusive, Rise Of The Tomb Raider. The 2 minute trailer, which can be seen below, shows Lara journey through hostile territory and solve a variety of puzzles. This is a game that I keep forgetting about, but am excited to play — remember Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is free on Games With Gold this month, so now is the time to get prepared! I do however worry that Fallout 4 will take away a lot of this game’s spotlight.

I’ll be much earlier tomorrow, I promise.