This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

Oh how I love getting free stuff! While they are not technically “free”, the latest collection of PS Plus games have been announced.

For the PS4 this month we will be getting the wonderful adventure game, Broken Age — also available cross-buy with the Vita. I remember when this was first released it looked like an interesting title, so the opportunity to give it a go is one I won’t pass up. Also on PS4 and Vita is Super Meat Boy — a fast paced modern platformer that I’m sure I will love. The third and final PS4 title, which is also cross-buy with PS3, is Unmechanical Extended — a slightly darker looking puzzle platformer.

Cross-play is the continuing trend for the next two title, with both Kickbeat and Kung Fu Rabbit being available on PS3 and Vita. If you have ever wanted to combine martial arts and rhythm then Kickbeat is your game. Enemies will come from multiple directions and you must attack them in time with the beat of the music…sounds fun! Closing out the collection is Chariot for the PS3. I have already played this on Xbox One, and must say it is a fun little co-op puzzle platformers. Again the internet will rage at “indiestation” but I think this is another decent collection of titles.

Xbox One’s timed-exclusive Rise Of The Tomb Raider is just over a month away and many people, myself included, are excited to play. Well, lead designer Mike Brinker has let us all know that Lara’s next adventure will offer 30-40 hours gameplay “for the completionist.” I think this is a decent amount of time for this type of game. It was never going to have the 100+ hours of The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4, but sometimes it is nice to have games that you feel you can complete! Anyone who hasn’t yet downloaded Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, make sure you do whilst it’s still free.

Time to roll back the clock! RollerCoaster Tycoon World has been announced for a December 10th release on PC. In a blog post, Atari confirmed that pre-orders are now live on Steam. Oh so many memories from this game growing up. Building these parks, creating rides so extreme that all of your park-goers throw up…man I wish I had a PC to play this. My laptop is on its way out, maybe I should use that as an excuse. Then again, I can’t even keep up with console getting, let alone PC gaming. Anyway, I digress…

Closing out the news and the latest Need For Speed is out now! Before you all get too excited, I should clarify that I’m referring to the mobile game, Need For Speed: No Limits. The iOS and Android game comes with 900 race events, 100 player levels, 38 courses, 30 licenced vehicles and over 10 game modes. Hey we can’t say that EA is skimping on features in their mobile games. That being said, no doubt this free-to-play game will be ruined by a pay-to-win approach.

Only one more day everyone!