Burnout Is Making A Comeback…Kinda

As a racing fan, the Burnout franchise is one that lives fondly in the memory. Is a spiritual successor on the way?!

Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry are most famous for co-founding Criterion Games — the studio responsible for Burnout — before they eventually departed back in 2014 to form a new studio, Three Fields Entertainment. In a series of tweets, the studio announced their plans for the future:

“Two things. Our first game is a multiplayer sports game. Coming in Spring 2016. Then we make a driving game.”

“What sort of Driving game you ask? A spiritual successor. Speed. Traffic. And Crashing. Lots and lots of crashing.”

Oh man, I would be so excited for another sort of racing game like this. EA has made it pretty clear that another Burnout isn’t coming anytime soon – they are focused on Need For Speed – but this now gives us some hope. Unfortunately it will likely be at least 2017, but more likely 2018 until we see this.

Just Cause 3 is one of my most anticipated titles this winter, mainly because it looks like a lot of fun! Well according to developer Avalanche Studios, we are going to be getting a pretty huge playground. The fictional Mediterranean island of Medici will be in excess of 400 square miles! This huge map will be split into three major regions. One will be a “medley of wealthy and poor towns” with agricultural areas, one will feature military bases and fishing towns, and the final region will be a forested mountainous region. Man I can’t wait, everything I’m reading / watching about this game just reaffirms my believe that this will be the most fun I have in a video game this year.

Remember when Square Enix came up with that terrible pre-order idea for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Well luckily they have finally come to their senses and cancelled it! That’s right, no longer are there multiple tiers to pre-orders based on the number of people who pre-order the game. Instead, anyone who pre-orders the game will get all the bonuses that were previously advertised. This had to happen, the backlash from that strategy was huge and would have affected the game. In fact it has probably already done the damage. I guess now they will have to rely on making sure their game is a must buy.

Hopefully racing fans will be happy with Forza Motorsport 6 this year, as Ubisoft‘s Trackmania Turbo has been delayed until 2016. In a blog post, Ubisoft explained that following feedback they would be taking this extra development time in order to “enhance the campaign and the game’s interface.” Delays do’t bother me anymore, we have more than enough games to enjoy and Trackmania Turbo will be a better game for it. I’m excited to check this one out, as the original Trackmania on the PC was very fun.

The final news item this week and NBA 2K16 may have only been out 4 days, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an instant commercial success. The latest 2K basketball sim has sold-in 4 million copies to retailers. Ok this doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the gamers hands, but it is still a great achievement and represents the fastest selling game in the franchise’s history. To top it all off, digital sales have doubled over the previous year. Make sure you tune in to Monday’s GOTW Show, where I’m sure Dan will be able to share some early impressions with us.

Talking of NBA 2K16, here are all of this week’s games releases:

Enjoy your weekend!