No Man’s Sky Releasing This Month?!

We kick off the week with potentially huge news regarding Hello GamesNo Man’s Sky

The hotly-anticipated space exploration is due to come to both PS4 and PC but until now an exact release date is unknown. However a report by Forbes indicated that we maybe playing the game before the year is out. A Twitter user by the name of Tidux — who is well known for leaking video game industry news news — said that “No Man’s Sky is coming to PGW [Paris Games Week] with a release date and price.” Hello Games is a British studio so announcing it at a European show makes sense…but wait there is more. Sony‘s press conference takes place that week on October 27th — the same day that Halo 5:Guardians releases — and Forbes also received an image from a reader which showed their Amazon pre-order of the game with a release date of October 27th! Could you imagine if they dropped an “and it’s available now” announcement?! I think this is definitely something that Sean Murray — Co-Founder of Hello Games — would want to do, and it would give Sony their big exclusive for the holiday, but I just can’t see it happening. We discussed this at length on this week’s GOTW Show, so please feel free to pop over there for the full discussion.

While talking Sony, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer had plenty to say about the ongoing console war. It is well documented that the PS4 has gained a “huge lead” over the Xbox One, after Microsoft suffered a rough start to the generation. When asked about the chance of catching Sony, Spencer simply replied with “you know, I don’t know.” I don’t want to focus on this part of the interview like so many media outlets have. Most have reported this as a defeatist attitude, but if you read the whole interview, these words are taken a bit out of context. Spencer graciously accepts that Sony has “a huge lead” and “a good product”, but would rather focus on his own system by declaring that he “love[s] the content, [and] the games line-up that we have.” The real headline should be the below quote:

“We’re not motivated by beating Sony, we’re motivated by gaining as many customers as we can.”

Phil Spencer always come across as a great guy in interviews, and I couldn’t be happier with having him as the head of Xbox. Spencer is first and foremost a gamer, and I love the direction that Xbox has taken under his reign so far. Long may it continue! As a side note, if you’re like me and love Xbox, you should definitely check out the below interview.

Could Half-Life 3 be real?! That is what all gamers want to believe after a set of text files were uploaded to Valve‘s Dota 2. What does Dota 2 have to do with Half-Life 3 I hear you ask…well in this particular upload there was a strange file called “hl3.txt.” Wherever this shred of code has anything to do with a future Half-Life game or not is a mysterious as the game’s absence, but it is always fun to speculate. Going back to the earlier conversation about dropping a game with no build-up to release, Half-Life 3 is definitely a game that could pull that off.

Closing today’s news and Rise Of The Tomb Raider has officially gone gold. Ahead of its November 13th release, Crystal Dynamics‘ studio head Darrell Gallagher was in positive mood about Lara’s upcoming adventure:

“The entire team challenged themselves to improve on the last game that millions of fans enjoyed so much, and we believe we have created a worthy sequel to Tomb Raider 2013.”

I am definitely excited to play this game, and am starting to think that it will even take precedent over Fallout 4 next month. After The Witcher 3 and The Phantom Pain, I’m just not sure if I have another massive open world game in me this year. Xbox One owners, remember you have a couple more days to download Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for free as part of the Games With Gold program.

Until tomorrow,