A Season Pass In A Galaxy Far Far Away

By now we know that season passes are standard for AAA titles, but the pricing seems to be getting out of control…

EA has confirmed that the season pass for their upcoming shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will provide access to four expansion packs “coming at a later date.” There are no specifics to what these expansion packs will feature, but EA did say that they will be “filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away.” Listings state that it will be a $50 (£40) price for the season pass. Are you kidding me?! So with the exception of a teaser for new maps, you expect people to fork out almost the price of a full game for your season pass?! Please people, vote with your wallets and don’t buy this, at least not yet. It will still be available to purchase when all the information is available. Then you can decide if it’s worth the money.

I almost don’t want to cover the next subject out of principle, but EA has also announced three new game modes for Star Wars: Battlefront. The first mode is Hero Hunt — a 7 vs 1 mode where rebels or imperial forces will battle the lone Hero or Villain character. Kill said character and you take their place. Spending the most time as the Hero/Villain results in victory. Next up is Cargo, which is effectively Battlefront’s version of capture the flag. The final mode is Droid Run — a 6 vs 6 game where you fight to control three “mischievous” GNK droids. All multiplayer shooters must have a CTF mode, and Hero Hunt does sound like it could be good fun. I’m still not buying the game though.


Obligatory Halo 5: Guardians news time! Microsoft has released the launch trailer for the sci-fi shooter and it looks awesome. The trailer appears to set up a showdown with Master Chief and Spartan Locke, with Fireteam Osiris receiving their orders and the tag-line “the hero becomes the hunted.” I’ll let you check out the trailer for yourself below, but we see some more action from the cinematic trailer we saw a few weeks back, but this time accompanied with Muse’s Knight Of Cydonia. The marketing for this game has been huge, and I can’t wait to play it. Hopefully it will be the “system seller” that Microsoft needs it to be.

Nolan North has been discussing the upcoming Uncharted movie and thinks that fans of the Uncharted series don’t want it to exist:

“My opinion on this – from what I’ve heard from fans – is they don’t want a movie, no matter who’s the star of it.”

“Maybe it’s because [the Uncharted series] is such a cinematic experiences in and of itself.”

North goes on to suggest that if we look at the reception of the recent Hitman movie, maybe a video game movie isn’t “financially feasible.” I don’t think North is far wrong in his comments. I love the Uncharted series and don’t particularly want a movie, but that is more to do with the fact that it will probably be bad! If it was guaranteed to be a great movie then I’d happily watch it. Unfortunately, if history is anything to go by, the chances of it being great are slim at best.

Closing the news and Rocket League is preparing to bring a bit more joy into our lives next week! The fantastic racing/football game has been a huge success since its release on PS4 earlier this year, and now they are bringing an additional car in the form of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. The car itself is awesome enough, but it also comes with the distinctive flaming tyre tracks, which feature as a new ‘rocket trail’. DLC of this nature I can most definitely support! If you haven’t played Rocket League yet, stop whatever you are doing and go download it now. It is one of most addictive games you will play this year.

Until tomorrow,