EA Wants A Gigantic Action Game

Friday is finally here and we kick of the weekend with news about EA’s “Gigantic” ambitions…

Despite being one of the largest video game publishers in the world, EA feel that they do not “have a lot” of those “gigantic action games like Assassin’s Creed or Batman or GTA.” It is not surprising to hear that a game publisher wants a franchise of this stature and, if rumours are to be believed, they are working towards correcting this with their upcoming Star Wars game, which will be a large, open-world RPG. Working on this game is the newly founded studio Motive, which is being led by Jade Raymond. Raymond has plenty of open world experience as the former co-creator and producer of early Assassin’s Creed titles. In addition to this title, EA has already confirmed that Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be open-world. This type of game does appear to be the new “craze” in the video game industry, so expect to more open-worlds over the next couple of years.

Talking of these gigantice open worlds, we have new from Rockstar Games about the next update to GTA Online. Titled “Lowriders”, the update will arrive next Tuesday (20th October) and introduces new lowrider cars and customisation options, additional Lamar missions, new weapons, and the ability to buy a fourth property for storing all your vehicles. As with the previous freemode update, this will only be available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. I love how they continue to update this service, free of charge, and must make time to go and play some more GTA Online at some point…it really is a lot of fun!


Continuing the open-world theme, Techland has announced that the next major update to Dying Light is coming in Q1 2016. Titled “The Following”, this story-based expansion sees protagonist Kyle Crane travel to the outback in search of information about the zombie outbreak. We talked about this a couple months ago, and my favourite thing from this expansion still remains the dirt buggy. I feel I need to give Dying Light another chance as I could never get into it, but so many people say it is one of the better games from 2015.

Open-world news again (I’m beginning to see a pattern) and CD Projekt Red has stated that they continue to be “amazed” by the success of their latest game, The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt. In an interview with MCV, Visual Effects Artist Jose Teixeria said:

“We are still amazed at how many people played The Witcher 3, because it’s a game style that is usually reserved for a hardcore audience.”

“People actually loved it, especially more in the casual audience, which we’re really impressed with.”

I think that the mass appeal of The Witcher 3 shows that, if your game is good enough, people will buy it. It is easily one of the best games this year, and I’m happy it enjoyed the commericial success that it did. When we see the next Witcher game is currently is up in the air. When questioned, Teixera said “I have no idea.” One thing for certain, it won’t be for a fairly long time as the studio is currently working on Cyberpunk 2077 – a game that will be even bigger than The Witcher 3.

The game releases this week are:

Have a good weekend all!