Buy Yourself A PS4 This Holiday

If you have been holding out on buying a PS4, now might be the best time to pick one up…

Following its recent price drops in Japan and the US, Sony has now confirmed that an official price drop for the PS4 is coming to the UK. The console will now be available at an RRP of £299.99 — representing a £30 price drop from the previous RRP. That being said — especially this time of year — I am certain that there will be a variety of bundle deals which represent even better value. More importantly, this now brings Sony’s console in line with the price of the Xbox One. I’m not going to say you should buy one console over the other, you should just get both!

Halo 5: Guardians is so close now I can almost touch it. As part of the ongoing marketing campaign, Xbox Australia is planning on doing something pretty impressive. They will be showing the first 15 minutes of the campaign next Monday (26th) at 7:30pm, but not just on any normal screen. Instead, the feature will be on the world’s largest ariel screen, which will be flown 2,000 feet above Sydney’s coastline and will be viewable for over 3km! To top it all off, one lucky gamer will be playing the campaign from a nearby helicopter! Ok so I will be the first to admit that this seems incredibly pointless, but at the same time it is even more awesome! Microsoft has really gone all-in on this game, you can’t go anywhere without seeing this game. Hopefully it will pay dividends.

Talking of Halo 5: Guardians, it has been confirmed that a pretty sizeable day one patch will be coming. The initial update comes in at 9GB and is predominantly a multiplayer update, including map content. This is not the only AAA title getting a day one update, as we also got confirmation that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will actually have two patches, both totalling a combined 1GB. These day one patches are now fairly common practise amongst games, which can be annoying when they add hours to your install time. In the instance of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate I’m actually glad it has an update, Ubisoft can’t afford to have another Unity launch.

Time for this week’s PSA, Telltale GamesGame Of Thrones Episode 1 “Iron From Ice” is currently free to download for consoles and mobiles. This is not the first time that Telltale has done this type of promotion, the first epsiode of Tales From The Borderlands was also free earlier this month. In addition to this freebie, Telltale has confirmed that the sixth and final episode — titled The Ice Dragon — will release on November 17th. I have already downloaded my copy of the first episode and will give it a go at some point. I was almost certainly going to buy the full season anyway, but least this now gives me a chance to ‘try before I buy.’

Closing out the news, and have you ever wanted to have your very own Pikachu? Well you are in luck, kind of, The Pokemon Company has announced a partnership with the Build-A-Bear Workshop to add Pikachu to stuffed toy roster from 2016. This means that, from next year, you will be able to go into any Build-A-Bear Workshop and re-create your own custom Pikachu. Ok so this isn’t quite the same as owning a real-life Pikachu, but there is no doubt that this is a solid business decision from both parties. Those Pikachus will fly off the shelves next year.


That’s all for today,