No Man’s Sky Is A No Show

While Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week is about to kick off, we already have some news regarding No Man’s Sky

We spoke a couple of weeks ago about the possibility of a stealth release occurring today, but Hello Games’ co-founder Sean Murray has moved to shoot down this rumour. In response to fan on Twitter, Murray confirmed this rumour “is false.” Whether or not No Man’s Sky will even feature at Sony’s conference today has yet to be confirmed, but it is understood that Murray won’t be attending the show. While it is a shame that we won’t be getting No Man’s Sky in the immediate future, I’m actually glad in a way as I don’t have the time to invest in such a large game right now.

Sticking with Sony, and the company has released a survey to their fans asking what features gamers want on their PS4. Included in the list of choices is the highly-requested option to be able to change your PSN ID. This is something that fans have wanted for over 8 years, so it would be a welcome addition if it ever came – for reference you can easily do this on Xbox One, for the cost of £15. Other choices include custom backgrounds, folders, store wish list (this was recently added to the web version of the store) and PS1 & PS2 classics. I don’t think the classics will every come, considering the investment that Sony has made in PS Now, but I would like all these additional features to come to my PS4. Hopefully we will see some of these implemented in the near future.


From one console to another, and we finally have the date that the new dashboard and backwards compatibility will be coming to the Xbox One. During the official Halo 5: Guardians launch livestream, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer confirmed that the new Xbox Experience will go live on November 12th. In addition to the date of the launch, we finally got confirmation that Burnout Paradise will be added to the backwards compatibility program. This isn’t a huge surprise, as there was talk about it in XXX, but I’m still happy that it will be there! I have been using the new dashboard as part of the preview program, and I have to say that I do like the improved layout – it definitely lends itself better to those who don’t have a Kinect or simply don’t want to use the voice commands.

Closing today’s news, and how would you feel about a Mass Effect game without Commander Shepard? Well, according to BioWare’s senior development director, Chris Wynn, fans should “be open-minded to a Mass Effect with no Shepard.” The comment was in response to a critical fan on Twitter, with Wynn going on to say “it can be good.” Now, I have not played the Mass Effect series to be in a position to give a fair opinion on this subject, but if I use an example such as Nathan Drake in Uncharted, I agree that a main character can be an integral part to what gives the game its personality. Then again, this isn’t the same for every game. Either way, I do sympathise with Wynn, and agree that people should always be open-minded.

I will be back first thing tomorrow to bring you all the latest from Sony’s press conference.