Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Has Been Delayed!

We begin our weekend with some sad news for those who are looking forward to playing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

EA‘s parkour action-adventure game was initially due for release on February 23rd, but it has been announced that the game will be delayed an additional 3 months. The revised release date of May 27th will give developer DICE the additional development time they require in order to help refine the game’s traversal. We have said this many times before, but delays are often a good thing. Catalyst will no doubt become a better game as a result of this delay, and it does help make our February that little bit quieter!

You know when I said earlier this week that Batman: Arkham Knight was finally re-releasing on PC? Well it appears that the four months delay was not enough, with user still reporting issues with the game! The issues range from frame-rate drops, to DLC compatibility problems, and even full game crashes. I can’t believe I’m still having to write about this game. I have no idea what is going on with the development of this game, but this is a PR nightmare for Warner Bros.. They need to sort these issues out now, and offer some soft of compensation…maybe free DLC?

Let’s talk sales for a little bit now. Konami has revealed their latest earnings report, which shows that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has shipped 5 million copies as at 30th September. These are the sold in figures, so it doesn’t necessarily represent final sale figures, but provides a good indication of the game’s first month success. While 5 million is definitely a solid milestone, it pales in comparison to how many Amiibos Nintendo is selling. As part of Nintendo’s earnings report, it was revealed that more than 21 million Amiibos have been sold since their 2014 release. I think it is pretty fair to say that the little plastic figurines have become something of a phenomenon!


So, we know that Titanfall 2 is a thing, but we don’t know much about the sequel yet. Well, despite the efforts of Polygon, it appears that Respawn Entertainment‘s co-founder Vince Zampella is remaining tight-lipped. When asked for an update, Zampella replied with: “I can’t say just yet…I promise that it will be worth the wait.”  The main thing I would like to see from Titanfall 2 is some form of campaign. The multiplayer in the first game was solid, but you know by now that my preference is towards to a solo gaming experience.

Closing out your new for the week, and remember the Fallout Beer that we spoke about on Monday? Well for the teetotallers, or even those with a sweet tooth, you will soon be able to buy a Nuka-Cola Quantum. The reveal was made by the official Fallout Twitter page, the tweet of which you can see below. Unfortunately, for us British folk, it appears that the drink will be sold exclusively at Target — meaning this is likely to only be available for American residents. I like the marketing approach that Bethesda has taken with Fallout 4…it is definitely something different.

Have a good weekend.