Skyrim Has Been Ported To Xbox One

In a recent meeting with Game Informer, it was revealed that Bethesda has ported Skyrim to the Xbox One!

Before you all begin to get too excited about the prospect of playing the latest Elder Scrolls title on the new generation of consoles, Bethesda’s Todd Howard has warned us “don’t get your hopes up yet.” The reason for this was because the port was purely an exercise to help the team understand the power of the hardware within the console when creating Fallout 4. The fact that Howard does use the word “yet” does leave open that possibility of the game coming to the Xbox One at a later date. If we don’t get a full port, maybe it will be something that arrives in the future via backwards compatibility…

Talking of such feature, Microsoft has announced that they will reveal a full list of the 100+ titles playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility next Monday, November 9th. The announcement game in a recent tweet from Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra. The list will arrive just in time for when the feature launches on November 12th. We already know a handful of titles coming to the program, such as Fallout 3, the Gears of War series, Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Burnout Paradise. In addition don’t forget, from this month on, all Games With Gold Xbox 360 titles will also be available. I’m sure everyone will have a handful of titles that they want to be included, but for me Red Dead Redemption has to be near the top of that list.

Seeing as we mentioned Gears Of War, it seems timely to now talk about Epic Games‘ latest game, Paragon. That’s all there is to discuss right now, as we don’t know much beyond the name. If we visit the official site, we see that a five new heroes will be revealed each week, starting with Twinblast. With the hero’s tagline line being “Go in. Both guns blazing” it can be safely assumed that Paragon is some sort of shooter, which makes sense considering Epic is most famous for Unreal Tournament and Gears Of War. According to Epic, we can expect the game in early 2016, so we will be sure to bring you more information as it becomes available.

Another game coming in 2016 is Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon fighting game for Wii U. Today, The Pokemon Company has announced that “Shadow Mewtwo” will be appearing in the game. Considering the fame that Mewtwo has in the Pokemon universe this is not much of a surprise, but this new form of the psychic Pokemon is definitely interesting. This is definitely a game that I would be interested in playing, but I’m waiting to see the outcome of Nintendo‘s next console move before purchasing a Wii U now.

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