Halo 5 Has A Big First Week!

Nine days since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, and Microsoft has revealed the game’s first week sales figures.

In a new record for the franchise, Microsoft announced that the latest Halo title has generated over $400 million in global sales. The figure, which includes both software and hardware, makes the Xbox One title the “biggest Halo launch” ever. In addition to this, it is now the best selling digital title through the Xbox store in its first week. While exact units of Halo 5 were not revealed, a simple calculation (based on $60 price point) would indicated 6.66 million units. Deducting the limited edition and console bundles, we can probably assume that they have sold 5-6 million units. That is a very impressive figure when you think there are only 15 million Xbox Ones out there. As a lifelong Halo fan, this news makes me happy…well done 343 Industries!

Next up is a story I really didn’t expect to still be writing about two years into the consoles cycle. Just Cause 3Avalanche Studios‘ ambitious over-the-top action game — will run at 900p on the Xbox One and 1080p on the PS4. Now I wrote a blog on this a while back, and my opinion doesn’t really change. I wish that it didn’t matter, but in reality it does – depending on your screen size and distance. Above all else it has become a PR nightmare for Microsoft, as the average gamer will read this story and automatically pick up the PS4 version as it is better. The biggest complaint I have, is that this latest generation seems to be underpowered. We heard that the companies were making a profit on their hardware very early…not something we have seen in the past. Maybe this lack of power will, in the future, lead to a short console life cycle.

It seems like Bethesda is continuing to fight a losing battle with Fallout 4 leaks. Earlier this week we saw some leaked images — additional images have also been making the rounds. Today, we now learn that there is now a video of the game. The 11-minute video, which can be seen here, shows the dweller traversing across the Boston wasteland. Obviously there is much more to the world than what we see, which is pretty dark and I assume a night time sequence. It must be disappointing for a studio to keep a game under wraps for so long, only for it to get ruined by people breaking embargos. Let’s focus on an official video instead, which is the launch trailer for the game. The trailer below looks incredible, and I can’t wait to spend some time in the wasteland next week!

The final topic of day also carries a Fallout 4 theme. Turn 10 has teamed up with Bethesda to bring us two Fallout-themed vehicles to Forza Motorsport 6! Available now is a 1956 Ford F100, which comes in the blue and yellow colour combination that you would associate with Fallout. There will also be a Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe, which is “coming soon.” I love the fact that the F100 will be gifted to all players, maybe I will have to ditch my normal sport cars and embark on a pick-up truck series. You can see the Ford vehicle in action in the below trailer:

That’s it for today. Until tomorrow,