A Belated Happy N7 Day To Mass Effect Fans!

I hope you all had a good weekend and N7 day. Let’s kick off the week with some Mass Effect talk…

 Yes November 7th is a day to celebrate for all Mass Effect fans and Bioware join in on the festivities with the release of a brand new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer. While the trailer itself doesn’t show much, the voiceover is interestingly Jennifer Hale — reprising her role of Commander Shepard:

“You are the explorer now. We will say goodbye, and you will look back one last time, and know that wherever you go, we will be with you. This is Commander Shepard, signing off.”

As you can probably gather from the above quote, the narration sounds very much like a case of Commander Shepard passing the torch to a new hero. Bioware has already prepared us for a Mass Effect game without Shepard. I’m sure we will begin to see much more Andromeda in 2016.

Tomorrow is what millions of games have been waiting for, Fallout 4 launch day! Unfortunately for most of us it will also be a day of work or school. Luckily, Bethesda‘s marketing executive Pete Hines has got us covered with this fantastic sick note. While the note may not actually get you out of your real-world commitment tomorrow, it still provided us with some light humour as the agonising wait for Fallout 4 comes to a close. I’m almost certain that tomorrow will feel like the longest day in the office for a while! We will be sure to be bring you some gameplay of the game later this week.

Are you excited for Blizzard‘s multiplayer shooter Overwatch but fear your PC isn’t powerful enough? Well fear no more as the publisher has confirmed that their new franchise — the first in 17 years — is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The announcement was made as part of the BlizzCon event that took place over the weekend. An image posting on the battle.net homepage appears to indicate a spring 2016 release, but no later than June 21st. People will know I’m not the biggest fan of multiplayer shooters, but I am impressed by the latest gameplay trailer. I can’t help but get a Timesplitters vibe from it, which can only be a good thing.

DayZ may have been in Steam Early Access for almost two years, but the wait for the Xbox One version just got a little longer. Initially announced at E3 this year, the zombie-survival adventure has now been delayed until Q1 2016. The announcement was made by developer Bohemia Interactive on Twitter. I still can’t believe that this game hasn’t reached final release on the PC, let alone making it to console. In a way I’m glad that they are delaying the console version, hopefully this additional time can finally allow them to get the game in a finished state. That being said, I do hear many positives about this open-world title. Maybe, once the final version eventually lands, I’ll give it a go.

Closing today’s news, and did you know that Nintendo and Sony almost teamed up in the video game console market? It is hard to believe now but back in the early 90’s we were on the cusp of receiving a Nintendo PlayStation. Unfortunately, this console never saw the light of day following a fall out between the two Japanese companies and the prototypes were destroyed….or at least they should have been. At last week’s Hong Kong retro gaming expo, a father and son duo by the names of Terry and Dan Diebold brought with them a special video game console for the world to see. Indeed it was one of the prototypes that had survived, and it does still work — they showed off some gameplay of Super Bomberman 5! It is an incredible story that 25 years later, someone was able to grab a very rare piece of gaming history, and for only $75 too! Just imagine what the industry may look like now if Nintendo and Sony hadn’t fallen out…


That’s all for today.