Legend Of Zelda Will Come To Wii U

Nintendo Direct returned with a bang yesterday and the headline news surrounded one of the company’s most famous characters.

Yes, The Legend Of Zelda has been confirmed for a 2016 release on the Wii U. The announcement was definitely the big announcement to come out of the Nintendo Direct, and puts to bed any theories about the game being deferred to the Nintendo NX. I was one of the individuals who thought that Nintendo may consider keeping it back for the NX, with the latest console being rumoured for a 2016 release. I’m happy for the Wii U owners but also believe that Nintendo has to do something big to entice gamers to buy their NX from the outset. A Zelda game would have done that!

Talking of Nintendo essentials, it doesn’t get much bigger than Pokemon. The games that started it all of — Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red — are going to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS next February! Along with Pokemon Yellow, the three games will be available on the the eShop on February 27th, which is the same day that Pokemon Red released in Japan all the way back in 1997. I loved Pokemon Blue & Red growing up, spending hundreds of hours defeating all the gym leaders and collecting all the Pokemon. It is a nice touch that they are bringing these original games back in their true form.

The final item of news from the Nintendo Direct was a revised release date for Star Fox Zero. The aircraft shooter will finally be making its long-awaited release on April 25th. As part of the announcement, producer Shigeru Miyamoto gave a message to the fans to apologise for the delay. As with most delays, the additional time will enable Platinum Games to make Star Fox Zero the best experience possible. I personally don’t think this game looks too impressive at all. Only time will tell if my doubts were well-informed or if I’m wrong.

Rocket League is without doubt one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year. Following its release in July 2015, it has gone on to sell more than a million copies and even placed 4th in October’s top five PS4 games. Now it appears that developer Psyonix might be bringing their sports title to the Xbox One. When the question was put to studio director Dave Hagewood, he gave the following response:

“[Laughs] I can’t say… we’re looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point. Hopefully before the end of the year, but I can’t confirm that.”

It would make sense to bring the title to Xbox One but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t some sorted of timed console exclusivity deal with Sony. Hopefully it does come to Microsoft‘s console simply because it is the year’s most addictive game and as many people as possible should experience it.

Closing out the news, and Life Is Strange will be making its way to retail in early 2016. Square Enix has confirmed that the Limited Edition version will come with the soundtrack and a 32-page artbook. It will be available on January 22nd and will be available for a price of £30. The additional price I think is a bit steep when you compare to the £16 that the season pass is, but the artbook is a nice touch and the soundtrack in this game is incredible! Whether it is digital  or physical I highly recommend that you play this game, DontNod Entertainment managed to create something pretty special (for the most part).


The game releases this week are as follows:

Have a good weekend.