Xbox’s Free Games For December Confirmed

With Christmas just around the corner, Microsoft has confirmed the latest offerings of Xbox gifts…

Without doubt the biggest title this month is Eidos Montreal‘s Thief. The reboot in the stealth series will be coming to Xbox One from December 16th. While the 2014 title had a mixed critical reception, it is a game that I am definitely keen to try and will be giving it a fair chance in a few weeks time. First up on Xbox One will be The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing, which will be available for the entire month of December.

Over on the Xbox 360 we will be getting CastleStorm for the first half of the month, before Sacred 3 replaces it on December 16th. Seeing as it is the holiday season Microsoft is giving us an additional Xbox 360 game on December 16th, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Remember, all Xbox 360 titles will also be available on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. Thief alone makes this a solid month for Xbox gamers, and a nice touch to get an extra game. Even if you don’t have time to play the games this month, make sure you add them to your library for future use.

Next up, and Sony has given us another PS4 sales update. The latest console has now surpassed global sales of 30 million, according to reports from Sony yesterday. This figure “demonstrates the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history.” When we consider that the PS2 is the best-selling video game console in history — selling 155 million units — knowing that the PS4 is currently beating it shows how successful the first two years have been. While I’m happy that the console industry keeps going from strength to strength, it still amazes me that Sony are breaking all these records with a minimal first party line-up. Just imagine how it will look next year after Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and GT Sport!

Just Cause 3 is the final game that I’m waiting for this year, and it is only just over a week away! If you can’t wait that long to enjoy the first hour (56 minutes to be exact) of the game then be sure to check out the below video, which has just been released by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios. In case you want to experience the game for yourself I won’t say much more, but expect to see plenty of big explosions and over-the-top action that the franchise has now become famous for.

GTA Online continues to get support from Rockstar Games who has just confirmed the release of a new adversary game mode. Called Running Back, the mode is inspired by American Football (it is Thanksgiving week after all) and sees two teams face off. The designated running back, who is in a Benefactor Panto, must travel down the roadway and into the end-zone with the assistance of his teammates, who are in BF Biftas. Attempting to ‘stop the run’ is the defensive team, who are also in BF Biftas. This does sound like a fun game mode — effectively it is just a destruction derby — and I’m sure Dan will be keen to play. No doubt we will spend some time in Los Santos soon…


Following yesterday’s Rock Band 4 update it seems only equal that Guitar Hero Live is also getting new songs added to its playlist. In total there will be 34 new tracks coming to Activision‘s music rhythm game — 28 will be available via GHTV on-demand setlist, and the remaining six songs will be GHTV premium shows. Unlike yesterday’s announcement, this DLC pack is a wide range of songs from bands like Rage Against The Machine, Rush, REM, and Judas Priest. With the latest update, Guitar Hero Live can now claim to have 300 tracks in the game — full list here. I like the fresh approach that Guitar Hero Live has taken, hopefully I will get a chance to play it at some point.

Until tomorrow,