Play PS4 Games On Your PC/Mac!

A late blog today as the industry effectively closed down yesterday for Thanksgiving. That hasn’t stopped Shuhei Yoshida from teasing us though!

Yoshida, who is the head of Sony Worldwide Studios has tweeted, in response to a fan, that Sony is currently planning an application that will allow gamers to stream their PS4 console to their PC/Mac. The announcement comes in the wake of the recent release of an unofficial application being released for Windows by developer Twisted. It will also help combat the existing application that the Xbox One already has for Windows 10. I like that this feature is coming, but it will be interesting to see how well it works. My previous experiences of PS4 remote play with my Vita and PlayStation TV have been less than spectacular.

Staying with Sony, the managing director of PlayStation in the UK and Ireland has announced he will resign from the company.¬†Fergal Gara has been with the firm since 2011 and have oversaw Sony from being a struggling competitor with the PS3, to the dominant player in the market with the PS4. Amazon has since confirmed that the “new professional venture” Gara was pursuing will be with the giant e-commerce firm as Director of PC. It is fair to say that Gara’s four year tenure was definitely a successful one and new man¬†Warwick Light comes into the position with a much easier job on his hand. The PS4 is currently outselling the Xbox One by 2:1 in the UK.

2015’s biggest disappointment was probably Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. The buggy skateboarding game is now getting a big update which will hopefully help ¬†some of the game’s problems. The 7.8 GB patch introduces new content and tweaks a range of gameplay systems. It is not yet known whether or not this helps, but we have now had two patches which combine for a total of 15.5GB — the initial game was only 4.6GB!! No matter how this games turn out I will not be giving Activision my money for this game. I still think its outrageous that they released a game in such a broken state!

Fez was one of best indie games that 2012 gave us. Now fans of the platformer will get the chance to get their hands on a super limited edition of the game. According to developer Polytron there will only be 500 copies of the hardcover edition, which will each come signed and numbered. At a cost of ¬£68 ($100) I would say that this¬†is way overpriced, especially as it is effectively a signed download code, with the official soundtrack. It is known that creator¬†Phil Fish wanted to get out the video game industry — he shelved production of Fez II — so a chance to make a quick final $50,000 is understandable.


I’m sure you all are aware, but today is Black Friday. Hopefully you were all smart enough to avoid the shops, but here are a couple of great deals on Xbox Live and PSN right now:

These are my personal picks of must-buys for each platform, but there are plenty of other great deals to check out. Remember, they will disappear after this weekend so make sure you act fast!

Closing the news, here are this week’s new releases:

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