Dinosaurs Arriving On Xbox One Next Week!

Most 2015 games have arrived by now but Xbox One owners will be getting one more big title before the year is out…

Dinosaur game Ark: Survival Evolved is finally coming to Xbox One and will launch on December 16th. The multiplayer-survival game has been in Steam early access since June, but developer Studio Wildcard has made it clear that the console version will have”no compromises” when compared to the PC version. In an interview with IGN, the studio’s co-founder and creative director Jess Rapczak said:

“Gamers want new experiences on their consoles, and we feel that Ark, which is one of the few dinosaur games on the market, and one of the only, if not the only true multiplayer survival games on console, will bring that fresh gaming experience that helps define this generation.”

Ever since we first heard about this game I have been excited to play it so I am happy that I will finally be able to get my hands on it. Even though there are heavy multiplayer elements, the possibility of flying on a Pterodactyl makes it worth it!  Hopefully I will be able to do a Let’s Play in the coming days.

Staying with the Xbox One, and Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has emphasised that they are trying to bring Xbox 360 Games coming to Xbox One Marketplace. In response to a fan on Twitter, Spencer said “we’ve heard this request and we are working on a solution.” With backwards compatibility now possible for over 100 Xbox 360 games this feature makes sense. Hopefully we will see it soon, at best having to turn on my old console is an inconvenience.

How would you like to win a free copy of Uncharted 4?! Well this is now a possibility thanks to the guys over at Naughty Dog, who are running a competition in the ongoing multiplayer beta. While the full rules can be found here, it involves take part in a variety of challenges that incorporate some of the beta’s features like using ‘Mysticals’ and ‘sidekicks’ and posting your success on social medias. Unfortunately this competition is only open to residents of the USA, which I know will disappoint the majority of our European fans. As such I’m sure we can look to give a copy away when the game launches next March.

I’ve said it before but EA‘s Need For Speed is a pretty solid racing game. Now, thanks to the latest update, it is getting even better. Titled “Legends” this update brings new cars, music, collectibles, and more to gamers; and better yet, it is free! The headline addition is the return of Eddie — the main antagonist from Need For Speed Underground! With this is a chance to win his Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (1999). Some of the music being included are tracks from previous entries of the franchise, so long-time fans may recognise these. Full details of everything in the update can be found here. I really like that Ghost Games is committed to making their game an even better experience for gamers. Make sure you reward them by going out and buying it, if you haven’t already.

Long has it been a tradition in simulation games to drift towards an almost masochist state when interacting with the characters. Famous examples of these would be putting your characters from The Sims in a room with no door and setting off fireworks, or dropping them in the swimming pool before removing the steps. Rollercoaster Tycoon is the latest game to have a similar act, someone on Tumblr has posted a ride that tortures it riders with a 3,000 year duration! Yes that is right, this ride would last more than 33 times the length of an average human’s life. While it is no doubt an impressive feat, what I want to know is how long did this ride take to build?! Some people just have way too much spare time on their hands!

That’s all for today.