Sonic Celebrates His 25th Birthday!

We have already established that 2016 is going to be a great year for video games, but it also marks a milestone for an iconic franchise…

Sonic The Hedgehog — the first video game I ever played — celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate a new logo has been revealed. The image was first found on a Sonic Twitter account, and stays true to the original logo but replaces the famous gold ring with a silver ring (silver is traditional for 25 years). In addition to the image, rumours have been making the rounds about an anniversary game in order to celebrate the occasion, but there has been now official word from Sega. If a game was imminent, I would suggest looking out for something in June — the actual month of the 25th Anniversary. I would definitely buy a remaster of the original, for obvious reasons that game has a special place in my heart.

Talking of things close to my heart, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is another fond childhood memory. We recently talked about the listing for a new Turtles game from Platinum Games, and the likelihood of a pending title continue to increase. The achievements for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan have now been leaked on an XboxAchievements — an achievement site. This all but confirms a release, but we still have no official word from the developer. This could also be another June release, as the new Turtles movie is set to hit theatres on June 3rd. I’m so excited by the prospect of another Turtles game, I just pray that will be decent. I hear Platinum nailed the aesthetic on Transformers: Devastation so I have hope!


Ok that is enough rumours for one day, let’s focus on some confirmed releases. EA is returning to the Octagon this year with UFC 2, and the fighting game now has a release date of March 18th. In addition to the release date we also got a glimpse our first glimpse at the gameplay in a gorgeous trailer, which you can see below. When it comes to fighting games I’m more WWE than MMA, but I can’t deny that the character models in this title look very impressive. I definitely look forward to giving this game a go when (I assume) the trial comes to EA Access — EA has done this with the majority of their releases (especially sport titles) since the launch of the platform.

Another release date, this time for PC gamers, and Square Enix has announced that Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be coming to PC on January 28th. Lara’s latest adventure was previously exclusive to Xbox, but that timed-exclusivity is coming to an end — the PS4 release is also set for a holiday 2016 release. The PC version will also support 4k resolution, which will result in offering “stunning new detail.” Rise Of The Tomb Raider is easily one of the best games from last year, and it is a shame that is was largely overlooked… hopefully its arrival on a new platform can help kickstart some success. If you are a PC gamer I would strongly recommend you give this game your time, it will be worth it!

The final news item of the day involves Sony, and an update on the latest sales figures for PS4. The Japanese company confirmed yesterday that the console generated more than 5.7 million sales over the holiday period, which takes the total units sold to almost 36 million! In a statement, SCE president Andrew House said the following:

“We are absolutely delighted that so many customers have selected PS4 as the best place to play throughout this holiday season and that the PS4 community is growing more than ever… We remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver innovative entertainment experiences.”

Sony’s latest console continues to be a great success with sales showing no signs of slowing, yet. The fact that they have done it with so few exclusive titles to date only emphasises how strong Sony’s marketing campaign has been, and how smartly they have partnered with third parties. As a gamer, I’m just happy that the popularity of console gaming continues to increase.