Pokemon Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary!

It may be hard to believe but Pokemon turns 20 years old next month and they plan on having a celebration!

The Pokemon Company has announced that a new Nintendo 3DS bundle will be coming with the classic Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue pre-installed and will feature cover plates depicting Charizard and Blastoise respectively. It is currently unclear if this is a North America deal only or not, but Nintendo did confirm, via Twitter, that a Nintendo 2DS Pokemon bundle will be coming on February 27th, the exact 20th anniversary of the game in Japan. This follows up on the previous announcement that Pokemon Yellow, Red & Blue are all coming to the E-Store next month. 2016 is lining up to be a busy year for Pokemon with the release of Pokken Tournament for the Wii U and Pokemon Go for mobile. I loved Pokemon as a kid so I will certainly try and spend time with Pokemon Blue — Squirtle all the way! — when it release next month.


Earlier this week we spoke about the departure of Marc Laidlaw from Valve, and now another industry veteran is moving on. Leslie Benzies, the president of Rockstar North, has left the studio after 15 years with the GTA developer. In a statement to Kotaku, a Rockstar representative said:

“We are very grateful for Leslie’s contributions to Rockstar over the last 15 years as we worked together to make some amazing games. Leslie helped us build an incredible team that will continue to create great experiences for our fans. Leslie will always be a friend to the company and of course we are going to miss him but we wish him the absolute best for the future.”

Benzies may not be as big a name as the likes of Hideo Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto, but there is no doubt about how important he was to the success of the GTA franchise. Rockstar North is left in the capable hands of Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson, who are both 19 year veterans of the industry. I wish Leslie Benzies all the best in his future endeavours, and can only thank him for one of the best, and most important franchises in video game history.

Staying with GTA, is is possible that that long-awaited single player DLC in on the horizon? It is entirely possible if the recent Instagram post from Shawn Fonteno is believed to be recent. Fonteno, who portrayed Franklin in GTA V, posted an image of him in a motion capture suit at what can only be Rockstar’s offices. Time will tell if we will finally get some additional single player content for GTA V, or if Fonteno is just teasing us with an old picture.


Next up, a new trailer has appeared online for Ubisoft‘s upcoming cover-based MMO shooter, The Division. The trailer, which you can see below, showcases a bunch of gameplay from different areas of the post-apocalyptic world. To be honest I had almost forgotten that this game releasing in only two months time, after numerous delays. I fear that this game is following the trend of Watch Dogs, in that the hype seemed to fade before the game even released… then again Watch Dogs sold almost 10 million copies so it didn’t fade that much! This trailer has got me excited for The Division again, I just hope that you can play the game solo.

Closing the news and, staying with an ‘America in ruins’ theme, Homefront: The Revolution now has a confirmed release date. Last week a release date of May 17th was leaked, and Deep Silver has now confirmed this date is correct for North America… we will get the game three days later on May 20th. Also announced was a closed beta, which will run exclusively on Xbox One towards the end of February. Players can register their interest here. As said before, this game definitely intrigues me. I will have to play the original Homefront over the coming weeks to prepare myself.