What Is Going On With Hitman?

Hitman maybe due to release in just a couple of months but there appears to be some “significant changes.”

Yesterday, Sony began cancelling the digital PS4 pre-orders for Square Enix‘s upcoming stealth adventure. To help explain why the pre-orders were being cancelled, a Sony representative released a statement on their support forums advising gamers that “the product you preordered has changed significantly.” Square Enix has tried to play down the issue, advising gamers not to worry and that they are simply “adjusting a few things & will update [us] in a few days.” The game is still scheduled for a March 11th but I want to know how a game can change so much that a pre-order would be cancelled! The game was initially delayed in December so the developer could add additional content. It wouldn’t surprise me if Square Enix is turning this game into an episodic series, which would suck!

So, The Witcher III has been winning quite a few GOTY awards recently, including my own, but developer CD Projekt Red believe that the game’s next expansion will be even better! Speaking with Eurogamer Italy, senior writer Jakub Szamalek stated that Blood and Wine will see the conclusion Geralt’s story. Szamalek went on to explain that the experience and feedback received from Wild Hunt has helped them to achieve something even better than the main game. It is crazy to comprehend that Blood and Wine could be even better! I am determined to get back into The Witcher III this month, before all the big titles start dropping in February.


Some of you may have noticed that Gone Home has not arrived on the digital stores of PS4 and Xbox One as expected this week. Unfortunately this is due to a last minute delay in both Europe and Australia. The game’s official Twitter confirmed that the delay was a result of “last-minute complications with ratings/cert.” This is not something that I have seen before, especially on a game that shouldn’t have any issue getting rated. Hopefully it is a simple admin issue that will be resolved imminently but at this time we don’t know how long the delay will be. I’m very excited to experience Gone Home so will be sure to update you all when it releases.

We already know that Respawn Entertainment is hard at work on a Titanfall sequel, but it has now been revealed that they have a second game in the works. A job listing, which was posted on Gamasutra, said:

We are now recruiting designers for two game development projects – a new game in the Titanfall universe as well as a new 3rd person action/adventure IP. Respawn is seeking a Senior Level Designer to embrace and contribute to the project vision, breathing life into the gameplay world and helping define the moment to moment player experience.

It will be interesting to see if this will be a more linear story-based game or an open-world experience. I would imagine it to be a linear game as Respawn is still a relatively small studio, especially if split into two teams, but it seems that everyone is making the big open world experience now… EA was the last company to announce they intend to enter this space.

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