Pokemon Fighting Coming This March

As part of Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary celebrations we now have a release date for Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament.

The Pokemon Company has announced that the fighting game will be making its Wii U debut on March 18th. In addition it was confirmed that players who purchase the game early will be rewarded with a Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card. Unfortunately this is not quite the Amiibo figures we are familiar with, but it will still work the same way — tap the card on the gamepad to have a playable version of the character appear in the game. I have always thought a Pokemon fighting game made sense — the closest we have had is Pokemon Stadium back on the N64 — and wish I owned a Wii U to check this new title out. We will be sure to bring you the full roster as it is revealed.

When you say Mojang, everyone immediately thinks of Minecraft but the Microsoft-owned developer will soon be able to tie their name to a second title. Cobalt, a side-scrolling game being developed by independent studio Oxeye and published by Mojang, will be arriving on February 2nd. As well as the release date we also discovered that the single-player campaign should take around eight hours to complete. Unfortunately for Sony fans, Cobalt will only be available on PC and Xbox for the time being. Something tells me this won’t be quite as successful as Minecraft…

Something for PS4 fans to get excited for is another update to the console exclusive DriveclubEvolution Studios has brought several improvements to its racing game since it released just over a year ago and while we don’t know the exact details of next update, coming in February, the studio did confirm that they’re “packing a lot into it.” Whether or not this will be a free update or additional premium content — Driveclub Bikes launched back in October — is also a mystery but Evolution Studios confirmed that they will “be announcing the details over the next few weeks.” Driveclub is a very good racing game and I’m happy to see the game is continuing to get support. Right now it is £11.99 on PSN, at that price it is a must buy.

I think most people who have played Rise Of The Tomb Raider will agree that it was one of the very best games of last year. Any game is the combined work of a great team, but game director Brian Horton would have played a key role to its success. Horton has now left Crystal Dynamics to “start a new adventure,” which we have since learned is at Call Of Duty Developer Infinity Ward. It seems that we have had quite a few key individuals move on over the past two weeks, and in this instance Crystal Dynamics’ loss is definitely Infinity Ward’s gain. It will be interesting to see how his new role as an Art Director will influence the studios next title, which we can safely assume will be another Call Of Duty game.

At some point in our lives we have all taken on what some may consider the impossible task. Well one Norwegian gamer is definitely taking the impossible by trying to complete every Steam game! The individual has aptly named himself Multitasker on Reddit, which is where he updates us all on his progress. All I can say is good luck, let’s hope Multitasker has a lot of spare time on his hands!

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