Obsidian To Work On Fallout 4 Sequel?

Obsidian Entertainment was the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, could they be set to return to the post-apocalyptic world?

Eric Fenstermaker, a writer and designer at Obsidian, was recently asked on Twitter if the studio “could do another Fallout game, Fallout: New Orleans, perhaps.” Fenstermaker responded with the following comment:

“I’m always up for working on a Fallout, I think most of us generally are. [It’s a] really fun property to work with.”

I don’t think it is surprising to hear that a studio renowned for great RPG title would like to enter the Fallout universe once again. Whether or not this happens rests on Bethesda‘s willingness to outsource one of their franchises again. New Vegas was a great game but I don’t see Obsidian making another Fallout, I think that this particular IP is something that Bethesda will want to keep in-house. At this moment in time, gamers can look forward to the Fallout 4 DLC, which is due to release later this year.

Far Cry Primal is now only a month away, and Ubisoft has released a new trailer detailing the tribes and their battle for survival. Players will take on the role of Takkar, a hunter and last surviving member of his hunting group. A synopsis of the story was also released by Ubisoft:

“The majestic land of Oros has been torn apart due to the confrontation of the three dominant tribes who seek the same single purpose: to conquer it. Takkar’s people, The Wenja tribe, is at risk. They are being attacked by both the cannibals of the Udam tribe, led by the cruel warrior Ull, and the fire worshipers of the Izila tribe, led by the high priestess Batari.”

I still find it weird that we have a Far Cry game coming so soon! Having loved the previous two games I am excited to play this, but more so I’m intrigued to see how the new approach holds up. Ubisoft has tested the water on tribal elements in the last couple of games… will it hold up over 40 hours?

Another new trailer this time for Epic‘s new title, Paragon. The MOBA from the Gears Of War creator was first revealed at PSX in december, and the latest trailer gives us new gameplay footage, characters, and their abilities. While a beta has been running on PC, Epic has started that a PS4 beta will be coming “very soon.” No matter how cool this game looks, I couldn’t really care less about MOBAs. There is no doubting their popularity right now, hopefully fans of the genre will enjoy it.

2015 may have come and gone, but Sony has now release details of the best selling digital games of the year. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that Destiny: The Taken King took home top honours on the PS4, with Minecraft topping the PSN charts on both PS3 & Vita. On PS4 the other four titles rounding out the top five don’t come as any huge surprise:

The surprise for me comes with the rest of the list, which doesn’t feature the hugely successful Fallout 4, but does include the 2013 release, Battlefield 4! Make of it what you will, but it seems that digital purchases may not still show a true reflection of game popularity — plenty of people enjoying those physical copies!

The final item today, and this continues our impossible task theme! A group of gamers have dedicated their time to recreating a 1:1 replica of GTA V in Minecraft! Yes that is 100% as ridiculous as it sounds, and a YouTube channel is currently providing us with progress videos, the latest of which can be seen below. The project commenced in January 2015, meaning that it is now a year in the making, and rising. I will admit I do love seeing people recreate certain things in Minecraft, it is very impressive. Good luck to the team, I hope they manage to achieve their end goal.

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