The Latest Nintendo NX Rumours

2016 will quite possibly be the year of the NX, but right now Nintendo is keeping quiet. Here are the latest rumours surrounding Nintendo’s next console…

The first rumour comes in the form of a tweet from The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who revealed that Nintendo’s next console may work with other devices, such as PCs, smartphones and even the PS4! The second rumour involved a survey from GFK, who is a client of Nintendo, which allegedly advised that the NX will feature 4K/60FPS video streaming and “gameplay graphics” of 900p/60FPS. Additional parts of the survey later appeared, including the mention of a video game subscription service that will feature more than 150 titles that regularly change and are added 6-18 after their initial release. That is a lot of information to divulge, but the main thing that jumps out there is the 900p graphics. Surely Nintendo has to make sure that the NX will be a full HD gaming machine. Anything less is just going to look bad! I will also be interested to understand how it could possibly pair with a PS4. To find out a more detailed opinion, be sure to check out this week’s GOTW Show.

While I remain pretty confident we will see the NX this year, I can’t say the same for Destiny 2. According to a recent report from KotakuDestiny 2 will no longer be coming in September 2016, as originally planned. The report also states that “plans for Destiny’s future are constantly in flux,” which would appear to suggest that Bungie doesn’t have a clear plan for the future. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, the original story was scrapped just one month before the game was scheduled release in 2013. The Taken King was released over 4 months ago now, and I believe that players will want to see some significant updates soon otherwise Activision risks losing players to Ubisoft‘s The Division when it launches in March.

Another veteran of the industry has moved on. This time it is David Gaider who, after spending 17 years with the Bioware, has announced his departure on Twitter. During his time with Bioware, Gaider has worked on such games as Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and the Dragon Age franchise. Gaider wasn’t yet ready to reveal where he was heading to next, “that announcement will come in due time.” I’m sure it will be a great scoop for whichever studio attains the services of Gaider, I wish him all the best in his next venture.

Cliff Bleszinski, creator of the Gears Of War franchise, may not be working on Gears 4 but that hasn’t stopped him from giving the fans an update on the project. In a recent tweet, Bleszinski revealed that he had spoken with a writer on the game and that we will all be “very pleased” with the Xbox One title. With the beta scheduled to arrive in just a few months, gamers will finally be able to get their first hands-on with The Coalition‘s title. I am very excited to play Gears again, but I feel we haven’t seen enough to understand what direction Gears 4 is heading in.

The final news for today, and it has been discovered that a now cancelled Saints Row game was in development for PSP back in 2009. Studio Volition has released the below video, which showcases a project that came about after realising that it wasn’t feasible to port Saints Row 2 to Sony‘s handheld device. As to be expected it looks a bit rough round the edge, as any unfinished project would, but we do see the open-world action elements of a Saints Row title.. I do like Saints Row, and it is a shame this never made it to the handheld, but in reality we had GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories so it’s not like that genre was excluded from the PSP.

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