New TMNT Game Is Finally Official!

Following numerous leaks, Activision has finally announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan.

As previously reported, the latest TMNT game is being developed by Platinum Games and is now officially scheduled for a Summer 2016 release. The announcement today came in the form of an action-packed trailer, which you can see below. It begins with a voice over from Shredder, with other famous characters making an appearance such as Bebop, Rocksteady, Armaggon, April O’Neil, and of course our four hard-shelled heroes. I have to say I am a fan of the art style that is being portrayed in this game, and I just hope that it turns out to be a good game!

With the joy of TMNT news come the sorrow for Mighty No. 9 fans: Keji Inafune has announced that the game has been delayed, again. The spiritual successor to Mega Man was due to release to release in just a couple of weeks time, but “critical” issues with the game’s online matchmaking has forced this date to be pushed. Inafune has said that he is “sincerely sorry” for the fans who have had to experience these multiple delays, but Inafune did go on to say that thank to the team’s hard work the “end is in sight.” While not being drawn to an exact date as the team want to ensure everything is in place, Inafune revealed that a Spring 2016 launch is now likely. Man this game has had its fair share of problems. Hopefully it will be worth the wait but I can understand why some fans patience maybe wearing thin.

Who here remembers the awesome hand-drawn shooter that was shown at PSX back in 2014? Well if you don’t make sure you take note now of Drawn To Death, an upcoming arena shooter from God Of War creator David Jaffe. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Jaffe provided us with some additional information on the game. Drawn To Death will do away with the traditional levelling up that we now see in Call Of Duty games, with a stronger focus in older arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament. The game will also be a free-to-play title but not in the traditional sense. Jaffe says that he hates traditional free-to-play and states: “it is bad for game design, it is bad for game players, and we want no part of it.” I am intrigued to see how this game turns out: I like the art direction they have taken and I was a fan of arena shooters back in the day.

I feel that I have mentioned The Division quite a lot lately but we now actually have some details regarding the game’s story. The story will be split into three threads — the virus, the factions, and restoring of the infrastructure — each of which will give you a different perspective on the state of the post-apocalypse. In an interview with Xbox On, creative director Julian Gerighty gave the following details:

“Every mission that you do is going to be linked to one of those story threads and is going to give you a little piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve completed all the missions in that story thread you’ll have all the pieces of the puzzle that you’ll put together and get an extra piece that will give you a different perspective on the story.”

I am excited to play The Division when it comes out on March 11th, and we will hopefully have some footage from the upcoming beta to share with you next week.

Until tomorrow,